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When Environmentalism Is Bad For Environmentalists

Here is a screen capture of the Drudge Report on Saturday night July 5, 2008. I don't know, I had always given the Drudge Report the benefit of the doubt when it comes to media bias. But this headline makes me wonder who he left in charge of the webpage updating tonight.

Aren't the Californians all about green living and environmentalism for the sake of environmentalism despite the cost? If so, then wouldn't the burning of the California lands be a good thing? Those areas and areas like Yellowstone National Park can ONLY endure and replenish because of fire. Fire does not ravage, scorch or destroy these areas. The fire actually repairs, restores and reseeds the land. The greens know this and actually demand that fires be allowed to burn themselves out.

So, has Drudge fallen for the Media bias here or is he representing the feeling the California greenies are expressing now that their own lands and homes are burning?



#1 Kevin 05-Jul-2008
It's Andrew Breitbart who actually updates drudgereport. While he and Drudge are fairly conservative or libertarian, they both seem to have bought into the idea that anything that happens in the environment is man's fault. Unless it's a [i]good[/i] thing, that is.

#2 JayDee 06-Jul-2008
I have a similar story about Huntley Meadows park in Northern Virginia that I may post at some time concerning environmentalists actually hindering in restoring some of the wetlands a few years ago. I found it simply unbelievable because I spent many days as a child at Huntley Meadows and have lots of wonderful memories about the beautiful wild life there.
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