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Missing Soldiers Found Dead

The bodies of two U.S. soldiers were found in Iraq, where they were kidnapped 14 months ago, the Associated Press reported.

The remains are those of Army Sergeant Alex Jimenez from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Private Byron Fouty of Waterford, Michigan, AP said, citing their families. The discoveries haven't yet been confirmed by the Defense Department, according to AP.


I'm sure the AP is heartbroken over this news...

So, I'm glad to see we are treating our prisoners of war as kindly as the Muslim scumbags are treating ours...



#1 captainfish 11-Jul-2008
You know, if the elitist socialists of this nation think that by allowing terrorists to have rights and to have access to our court system will undermine our country, I think it could actually backfire if the Bush administration handles it the right way.

If I were in charge, I would take these peaceful all love muslims from Guantanamo and do take them to some of our most violent prisons. I know there is one in N. California built specifically for gang leaders and the most violent criminals. Transfer these scumbags to those prisons and make them wear jumpers that say "transferred from Guantanamo".

Ooops, an accident seems to have happened and one of the inmates ended up shanked. Oh pity. Welp. Bring in the next one so that he can have his show trial too.
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