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Too Good To Fact-Check: Obama's Unusual Supporter

Any of you find any strange coincidences going on here?

Sweet Tasty Beverages
By Jim Jones - Jul 10th, 2008 at 10:57 pm EDT

You know, I hope this blog will convince my fellow Americans of two things. The need for electoral reform and that we need to drink more sweet tasty beverages.

For too long, the sheeple of the nation have been in the throes of wild demagogeaury. Far too many listen to what politicians say, and not what they mean. For instance, they tell you one stance on an issue vital to national security and our own freedoms, then vote in the Senate against their stated position. Why do we keep falling for that? Let's change the rules of electing politicians. Let's make it harder for lying politicians to get in, and make sure there is no way to get our favored leaders removed from office.


Stay tuned for tales of my adventures in South America, and the wonderful missionary work I did there.


Once again, Hussein's website beclowns itself. I don't know about you, but I'll be on the edge o' my seat over here, waiting to see exactly how long the Right Reverend "James Jones" lasts.

(h/t dpud, who is continuing to track the hilarity)



#1 Cletus 11-Jul-2008
Drinking beer is a "red state tendency"? I guess the Europeans are all republicans.
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