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D.C Mayor Will Rehire Racist Aide

Update[Brian]: Retracted—Don't worry about it, Cap'n. Not all of us are up to date on the latest D.C. scandals. ;)
News today, that the mayor of Washington D.C. will rehire the racist, fear-mongering, black-hating, insensitive and E.D. suffering aide who a while back uttered the most racist, fear-mongering, black-hating, insensitive and E.D. word that a person could utter-------- gasp!

D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams said yesterday that he will rehire a former top aide who resigned last month because some city employees were offended that the aide used the word "niggardly" in describing how he would have to manage a fund's tight budget.

In a private meeting yesterday, Williams asked Howard to return to the Office of the Public Advocate. Howard declined but said he would accept another job in Williams's administration.

Williams said that one of the employees, identified by Howard as Marshall Brown, interpreted Howard's remark as a racial slur. Brown has declined to comment on the incident.

But, the damage had already been done. Howard had already been taken to the Room of Requirement for racial sensitivities. I mean, come on, he had to be taught a lesson. And, he has learned. Just look at him drink that "Kool-aide".

"I just feel very pleased that this whole thing has a silver lining," he said. "The silver lining is that this has led to a discussion that can help everyone understand each other better. . . . I used to think it would be great if we could all be colorblind. That's naive, especially for a white person, because a white person can't afford to be colorblind. They don't have to think about race every day. An African American does."



#1 jjb 11-Jul-2008
Huh? This is like 10 years old.
#2 captainfish 11-Jul-2008
ugh, even have to bring it back up to wholly display my shame and misery.

But, I am still dedicated to this mayor and his campaign.
#3 captainfish 11-Jul-2008

I got the link from a friend of mine. I recalled the incident and didn't even think that it had occurred almost 10 years ago. WOW. It just sort of hit me and my memory and then with the recent actions by some against the words "Black Hole", I jumped on it before I even looked at the date. .... or for that matter finding out who the real D.C. Mayor is.

Sorry about that folks.
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