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Morning Fan Mail

Salman Rushdie, your fan club is most impressive. Please teach me your secrets, oh great master!

Checking in from the tolerant Islamic republic of Pakistan, HuSnain nooR brings us one of the most wonderfully bizarre tales of love and joy I've seen to date. All spelling and capitalization preserved for our posterity's sake:

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abay OO bhArway salman Rushdie U f*CKing A*s HoLE BIT*h We Kill YOu RemEMber ThiS sEntence Bhen ChooD MAdaRchOOd tu nay jo kuch kia hai bharway sahi nahi kia tu judgement Day ko bachay ka nahi bhen chod TERi gand peR sari BOllywood k Actresss ki zabaan lagawaon ga GAnD chatwaon ga terI bharway Ma chood rha hai chup karR dalle omer ka akhri hissa hai os main bhi girl friend bana rha hai Sharaab pee rha hai madar chood TEri girl friend say terA lunD chtwAon ga Kuttay ki Jaali nasal SHakal HAram KuTTYay ki si shakal Tu gya bilkul khtam ho gya hai tu MUthal aadmi Mud marTa hai saraa din

If I were you, Sir Rushdie, I'd watch out for your nasal KuTTYay. Having a TTY device connected to your nasal cavity can't be all that pleasant.



#1 Cletus 09-Jul-2008
#2 captainfish 09-Jul-2008
Dang, can't even get a good vibe from emails like that when they can't even use a single form of human language.

but then, it is pakistan.

Or is this machine language? you getting hate mail from a pakistani terrorist's computer?!?!
#3 DMartyr 09-Jul-2008
Attention Jihadists:

Please refrain from pressing the "shift" key when typing rants or death threats. It makes it so much easier for us kuffar to understand the message.

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Jul-2008
... I can't believe I missed the OBVIOUS "I kill you" reference in there. Nuts! ;)
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