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Bubba's Field Trip

"Hmm.. so whites have to be washed separately, eh?" [Photo via Newscom]
This even occurred last April, but for some reason, we are just now seeing it.

Here you can see Bubba learning how to wash his own clothes.

Here, Bubba is seen walking through the cave of wonders with its magical stalagmites of shiny goodness. This is where he creates his peace, love and joy that he spreads to all the good little boys.

And here, you can see Bubba learning how to build with tinker toys. Oh what fun he had that day.Even the bestest of little boys get tired and cranky after a long day of playing. Bubba was put in a protective barred room for his timeout until he learned to calm down. Unfortunately, he hasn't yet.

Bubba's funnest memories are visiting the giant snow cone machine. Unfortunately he was a bad boy and let some of his gas escape. The company was forced to cordon off the area and sterilize the machinery.

Then, at the end of the trip, Bubba got to stand with his classmates and get the all-fun class photo. Much to their chagrin, they soon realized that they were in the little girl's bathroom. Oh, they laughed at that one. You can just see the joy and happiness all over his face.

Update [Brian]: Might as well use the license while we have it, yo. ;)

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