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A Calm and Well-Reasoned Argument

Sigh. One wonders if there was ever a time in this country when we sent rational people to sit on Capitol Hill:

Ever since the Dulles rail project almost died a bureaucratic death in January, most Northern Virginia lawmakers and business leaders have focused on keeping the project alive and presenting a united front of support for the current plan.

At a July 7 town hall meeting in Tysons Corner, billed as a discussion of the future of rail in Northern Virginia, a congressman from Minnesota was less careful.

“It has become evident that the DOT and the White House are enemies of transit,” said U.S. Rep. James Oberstar (D), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

In a sweeping speech in which he called Federal Transit Administration and Department of Transportation officials “the KGB” and the Office of Management and Budget “gnomes,” Oberstar outlined his support for rail in general and the Tysons tunnel in particular.

Yeah, curse those dastardly "gnomes," what with their demanding that transit projects cost less than $10 billion per mile.

If the Congress can't build this Metrorail extension for over a trillion dollars, we might as well admit that the terrorists have won.

If you ain't with us, you're against us. Isn't that right, Mr. Oberstar?



#1 captainfish 09-Jul-2008
I am just glad that we fly-over country people can help pay fer all you Yankee's Amtrack and rail service fer ya.

Out here in flatland, we don't need no stinkin mass transit.

I sez, if you wants to ride it, youz gots to pay full price. At least that is whay my ol' Ma use't tell my Pa.
#2 captainfish 09-Jul-2008
I love how everything now that does not go the liberal way is said to be fascist, Nazi, Hitler-like, Stalinist, or KGB as in this case.

The utter intelligence of people really astounds me. Its the utter lack of intelligence. It is THEY who are acting like Stalinist forcing people to pay for what they want. Wanting the government to control people's daily lives and take away their ability to make free choices.

And this idiot nation has let them do it because they have fallen for the socialist lie. That they don't have to pay for what they want, just let the government tax the rich people and it will handle everything for them.

half of this country is really making me sick to my head. Their utter stupidity and ignorance of all that is good and logical makes me puke. Satan must even laugh at them. Satan's little useful idiots.
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