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A Southern Border Update

"Kinda porous of a wall ain't she?"
In case you were wondering what is going on with our southern border, don't worry, it isn't much. Remember, all good deeds go undone. Despite the resolution and the funding for a wall to be built. It hasn't. Despite the funding for a "virtual" fence to be built. It was, but at an expense 3-5 times that of the original funding and was then found to be utterly ineffective.

Here, is an image of our precious security wall along the border.But, in case you were thinking this whole thing has been forgotten. Don't worry. There are many people who have not forgotten the toll this lack of a wall, this lack of security, this lack of enforcement has had upon our society.

Digger over at Digger's Realm has a piece up about a recent rally at the border with none other than the wife of Border Patrol agent Ramos. She knows all too well the harm and damage that our porous borders have had on us. Her life and the life of her family was ripped apart when her husband was jailed for protecting America from illegal border crossing drug runners from Mexico. He was jailed at the hands of an anti-American federal prosecutor that actually used tax payer dollars to give medical aid to this piss-ant drug runner from Mexico. He then gave him a free pass to come and go as he pleased while the court was going on. During the court proceedings he was arrested again, and then arrested again after Ramos was found guilty and sent to jail.

Monica was forced to leave the home in Texas and she and her two younger sons are living in a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix.

Her old son, who has a very hard time with the situation is staying with family members. Her youngest is suffering from un-diagnosed kidney ailment[Ed: Prolly from all the stress]. She can not get medical attention for him as she has lost her health insurance and is not (yet) poor enough for public assistance. Congressman Culberson has arranged for her to take him to a children's hospital in Texas. She will leave for the hospital next week.


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