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Astounding Media Bias FOR La Raza

Digger has a piece up on You Tube showing the awful bias that the media has for organizations like La Raza and their bias against organizations and people who are against illegal crossers.

Please watch this and make sure when you do, you don't have food in your stomach. Cause when you watch this disgusting "diatribe" from the media in San Diego you will want to vomit.

And then you will want to vomit again when you learn that John McCain will be a keynote speaker for La Raza and that Former Republican president Bush had spoken there as well.

I feel so ill right now. This would be like declaring a holiday for the SS or the Kamikaze pilots during WW2.Update:
Pro-Illegal crosser John McCain spoke at a hate-america first organization to once again promote and promise that he still stands for his failed immigration reform act.

Senator John McCain told a major Hispanic group here Tuesday that he remained committed to passing the kind of immigration legislation that angered many Republican voters last year, but he underscored that he intended to first secure U.S. borders.

Speaking to the convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens, McCain noted his efforts to pass comprehensive immigration legislation, which was supported by President George W. Bush and such Democrats as Senator Edward Kennedy...

McCain's support of the failed immigration bill, which many Republican primary voters vigorously opposed, threatened to doom his candidacy last year.

Threatened? HA. It only helped him in the eyes of the media. That made them love him more. Why do you think he IS the CRUDlican candidate for president??

When McCain was taking the most heat about the subject, he sometimes warned that Republicans risked alienating Hispanic voters,

HAHAHA. Who Cares! Why should the Republican party cater to a group of people that are not legally allowed to vote (though if either Obama and McCain are elected that will change)? They are not even supposed to be in this country!!!

Bush drew 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004, exit surveys showed.

And that was without cow-towing to the illegals by promising amnesty either.

But since the immigration debate has roiled the country, polls have shown that Republicans have been losing the support of Hispanics. Indeed, some recent surveys have shown McCain losing to Senator Barack Obama, ... by a two-to-one margin.

And yet, he keeps right on promising and lying to the American people. He keeps on going promising them amnesty, but they keep turning away. But instead of focusing on his center, on winning his own party, he digs down deeper to win the "votes" of illegals. Is he senile already?!?!

He also spoke of one of his fellow prisoners of war in Vietnam, a Mexican-American, of the many Hispanic names etched on the Vietnam War memorial and of the many Hispanic troops now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who are not yet American citizens.

"Those men and women are my brothers and sisters, my fellow Americans," he said,

He makes me physically sick. As bad and horrible as he is, I know Obama is worse. At least Obama is not trying to hide behind the Crudplican moniker. We know and understand where his party lies.

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#1 Kevin 10-Jul-2008
Senator McCain has come up with a new plan to end illegal immigration once and for all. Obama, reaching across the aisle, agrees with McCain's plan!

Step 1: Declare all illegal immigrants to be 'legal immigrants' from now on.

Step 2: Declare all children born in North or South American soil to be citizens of the United States.

That's pretty much it.
#2 captainfish 10-Jul-2008
didn't believe it could happen, but you made me sicker.

That is pretty much the truth of their stance.
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