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Iranian Missile Launch (of PEACE)

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Who would've thunk it, but many of the pictures released by the Iranian government have now been proven to be complete forgeries. Like this one, for example:

It's dead, Jim.

As Arash Kamangir points out, the photographic evidence presented by at least some reports is years old. Suitably Flip commenter Jono points out that there are only three missiles present in the original picture, and now that you mention it, the middle two missiles appear to be clones of each other, with pretty amateurish cloning to create the launch signature of the third from the left.

An Iranian dictatorship... lying? Impossible.

Many thanks to Charles Johnson for pointing this latest fauxtography out. Even though there's a "Curses, Foiled Again!" thrown in because he beat me to it yet again.

Update: Moved all of the irrelevant data below the fold. Here's what really matters:—Agence France-Presse has retracted the image, and has posted this combo illustrating exactly how the image was modified, which I'm very gladly posting here under license:

Click to zoom in. [Photo via Newscom]

Digitally altered, indeed. In fact, one could say that this is a photoshop... disaster.

Nothing says it like a Patented LGF Throbbing GIF, no?


The Obama campaign just called. Apparently, they'll be announcing that Obama supports opening a channel of diplomacy with the airbrushed rocket, immediately, so we can "better understand" how our Western understanding of ideas like "Truth" and "Accuracy" have hurt its feelings and caused it immense anger towards America.


Update: In a move that will surprise nobody, we discover the the New York Times is claiming full credit for this discovery. Heh, I'm sure that's ethical, right?

(And sorry for filling up your mailbox, Ace. It's what I do the bestest! ;))


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Older updates:

Nevermind about that middle two missiles claim. Based on this higher-resolution copy from the scene, I can comfortably say that the two missiles are unaltered.

Click to view larger version. [Photo via Newscom]

I'm still researching Kamangir's assertions. If this is a replay of footage from a couple of years ago, then why in the heck didn't our vaunted news editors catch that?

Update: The photo debunked by LGF is now called "very questionable" by the Sydney Morning Herald. Sweet! (Thanks to DM for that update!)

Update: My "nevermind" picture above is dated 2006, whereas the photoshopped picture at the top of the screen is dated 2008, so I'd say we're back to having strong evidence that the third missile was added to the shot. Oops!

Update: It can be conclusively shown that the phantom missile was, in fact, a Photoshop disaster. Great sleuthing, Cosmo!

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#1 DMartyr 10-Jul-2008
Lol, I was just posting about this. But when I went to 'add media' I saw you were way ahead of me.

I was going to add this tidbit (check out update II):

#2 Cletus 10-Jul-2008
Wow Iran can't even photoshop right you'd figure with all the money they have stolen and hoarded from their own people that they could at least do a little better than "copy+paste"
#3 GOP and College - Iranian Fauxtography 10-Jul-2008
Looks like some aspects of the Iranian missile launch was actually a very poorly done forgery
#4 unknown 11-Jul-2008
Charles Johnson has not exposed the fake missile picture it was someone called bionic @

Read here for more information
#5 Ali 11-Jul-2008
Please See For Fun
#6 Alemu buzuneh 23-Apr-2010
Iran is not an arab country,I think they are capable of doing nuke wipon. But why is the world so terrorized with Iran?Iran leaders have moral & they are more resposible than the Isrelis leader, who are killing palestiniane christian brothers too!! The world has to worry on the Israel leaders nuke prog, who are irresponsive & are the enemis of mankind...long life palestine..
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