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Snapped Shot: As Much Google Cred as Fox News?

I just noticed that if you Google around for "Images of Iran's Missile Launch," you get a rather interesting result:

They report, I decide.

Sadly, neither of us are as influential as the legendary blog, What the Crap? Those guys are a serious force to be reckoned with, I tell ya!

Incidentally, if you hit the search link, you'll probably notice rather quickly that the dedicatedly insane have come up with the shockingly predictable culprit behind all of this fauxtographic forgery.

See if you can "guess who" before clicking the link.

The only hint you're getting out of me is that it's not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



#1 wtc? 10-Jul-2008
"are we being *sold* the Iran war just like Iraq again?"

Uhm...I'd like one Bilderberger (hold the Masons), a large McHalliburton, and a diet Blackwater. Does that come with a WTC7 toy?
#2 Cletus 10-Jul-2008
I haven't looked at the link yet so I'm going to take a wild guess:

Those child eating, blood drinking, murderous, Zionist, imperialist, colonialist Israeli Jews.
#3 Cletus 10-Jul-2008
I was wrong! It's those baby killing, child raping, murderous, Zionist, imperialist, colonialist American Crusaders.
#4 forest 10-Jul-2008
I was going to guess the Jooos too Cletus.
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