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BWAHAHAHA: More Iranian Fauxtography REALtography

(Now that I can finally update the site...) We made the front page of Digg? Sweet! Hiya, everybody! The server only fell over a little bit this time, right? ;)

I can't find any Photoshopping here.

100% genuine.

Image courtesy WTC, who has just found their way into my blogroll.

Update: More 1000% authentic goodness beyond the fold. I love it when these little storms take off!

Aww shucks—Thanks, Alan. I'm just the messenger, though—The funny comes straight to you from WTC (and all of the other brilliant contributors listed below). :)From FReeper Colorado Doug, found over at The Jawa Report:

Ahmed: "Ruh roh!"

And this gem from the News Junkie:

Kakakakakak... baDOOM!!

Combined brilliance from Colorado Doug and GOPyouth:


Good callback from mikrofon:

"Why do dese tings keep happen to me?"

Omega4179 knows exactly how to get my attention:

"Death to America!"

Reader Ali sends in a photo that can only be described as "the appropriate Israeli response:"

Heard from the launcher: "Hey, what's that shadow...?"

Interestingly enough, the Badahwazi blog seems to share an obsession or two with me.

Gizmodo has the official Photoshop Contest for this one, so be sure to hop on over there for more hilarity!

They're having a field day with this over at Fark. Heh!

Update: Hehehehe! Rodger T. sends in a trio of awesome mockeries:

"Is only our first draft. Next one will be better."

LOLCATS to the rescue?

I WANT YOU(r missiles).

Heheh: Skeptic Lawyer—they have lawyers down in Australia? I thought y'all were better'n that, mates!—has invoked the infamous ceiling cat:

And I bet he's thinking that you lose at internets, Mahmoud.

Six Meat Buffet enters the fray:


Hahaha—From Geekman over at BoingBoing:

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun NUH NUH!!!!!

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#1 captainfish 10-Jul-2008
hahahhaaa... I see bubba peaking out
#2 Kevin 10-Jul-2008
Even if you suspected photoshopping, once it became known that this is an Iranian photo, all questioning would cease. They are a very trustworthy government.
#3 captainfish 11-Jul-2008
Kevin, surely you jest.
#4 kevin 11-Jul-2008
no! no jestage here
#5 Exurban League 11-Jul-2008
Image from Snapped Shot. ...
#6 Elmo 12-Jul-2008
Peek-tures ... we doan need no steenkin peek-tures. We gotts oh-feeshull Eye-ran nooze rupports. Gen-u-whine. Gittim whilz day still hot ....

IRI's respects all religions: ICRO
03:29:15 È.Ù
IRI's head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Mehdi Mostafavi said on Saturday that Iran respects all divine religions ....

He also said that Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to promote its mutual relations ....

Stressing Iran's good will to any religion, Mostafavi said: "Both religion and science are the firm bases for making relationships between human beings."
Also ... File under: Bad Joos
#7 skepticlawyer 12-Jul-2008
Yes, we have lawyers in the land of Oz... but not so many per cap as you USAnians. We also have black belts in photoshop ;)
#8 Skul 12-Jul-2008
I'm trying to catch my breath.

Ok. You guys cut it out. Pajamapants can't be dissed like this.
#9 Tomboys 12-Jul-2008
These are so great. The cat is my favorite!
#10 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Jul-2008
By the way, y'all are welcome to show your parodies right here in the comments section! The blog understands BBcode - for those of you unfamiliar, here's what you need to do:

1. Upload your parody to ("Image" is the default, browse to your file, and click on "Host It!")

2. Copy the BBcode that says "Thumbnail for forums (1)".

3. Paste the code into the Add Comment field below.

4. Sit back and enjoy the chuckles. I'll be mirroring the best images up on the main article, so be sure to keep 'em coming!

(Alternately, if you have your own website/blog/web host, just paste the URL to your image in between tags.)

Happy hacking!

#11 NervousTwit 12-Jul-2008
And then there's this one:

[i]Ed.:—Added BBcode for you, NT![/i]
#12 Kevin 12-Jul-2008
Haha! who stole my name?
#13 captainfish 12-Jul-2008
H-T here
#14 JD Rucker 13-Jul-2008
Dugg - nice list:
#15 RRobMD 13-Jul-2008
Missiles may impress but this guy means business.

[i]Ed.:—Converted to BBcode :)[/i]
#16 Laurie Kendrick 13-Jul-2008
Brilliant! All of them.

#17 Nigel 13-Jul-2008
Epic. Just epic.

Gosh, I wish I had me some photoshopping skillz...
#18 captainfish 13-Jul-2008
That looks exactly like Mike Dukakis. The same photo that ended his presidential run. Am hoping that this will do the same for Bubba's.
#19 VD 14-Jul-2008
Hey I'm Iranian!
But lets fuck the Islamic Republic!
#20 MickAv8r 14-Jul-2008
#21 mac 14-Jul-2008
Distasteful and nasty. We ARE stupid americans.....
#22 Scott 15-Jul-2008
Hey, got word of the latest AP journalist 'professionalism' yet?
#23 ernesto 15-Jul-2008
son of a bicht, american asasian of woman and childrens
#24 Kevin 15-Jul-2008
The Iranians are Awesome Dont Hate on their brown asses!
#25 captainfish 15-Jul-2008
Hey ernesto,
until you use the QWERTY keyboard, 99% of the world will not be able to understand you.
#26 Kilroy 16-Jul-2008
Good stuff, I like the Batman/Shark homage....
#27 the internet 17-Jul-2008
I love me!
#28 non 17-Jul-2008
#29 Roost3r 18-Jul-2008
Can we please have more posts from Brian and less from the utterly boring crap from your contributors? I can't read the mindless babble that anybody else posts here. That's why I visit less and less.
#30 ExurbanKevin 20-Apr-2010
Defense Tech (and others) catches the Iranian military doing a little bit of real-life Photoshop work.  Real S-300 Anti-Aircraft missile.  Iran's oil delivery truck homemade version. ...
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