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Campaigning Like A True Outsider

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What the heck?

Virginians generally are proud of our Commonwealth, considering we're pretty much the oldest State that is currently a member of the United States. And, as such, when one of us runs for political office, we generally take great pride in attracting the support of other Virginians.

So this Judy Feder lady, who has gained "massive" support in my home (and mostly full of "non-Virginians") Fairfax County, is something of an anomaly that I'm trying to wrap my head around. For starters, she gets a vast majority of her money from California, a State that most of us refuse to recognize. I mean, that's enough to set off all of my Old Dominion alarm bells, and we haven't even gotten past the opening gate.

But I must say... this pretty much takes the cake. Judy Feder and company are campaigning down in Dale City, which is in the heart of Republican-leaning Prince William County (right north of "Full-o-Marines" Quantico, to boot). What makes this particularly interesting is:
Judy must believe there’s a rich trove of potential Democratic votes for her down there in Dale City to devote the whole weekend there, and pull her volunteers all the way out to this relatively far corner of Prince William County. This is especially noteworthy since Dale City is in the 11th District, and not the 10th District where Judy Feder is actually on the ballot.

Her official campaign bio says that she's been living here for 30 years, yet she acts and behaves like the arrogant Calif-Massa-Newyawkers we all love to hate.

Hey—Y'all are always going on about how Virginia needs "change." Tell ya what—Why don't you save yourself a bunch of effort? Instead of making Virginia a complete stinkhole ala New York, why not just pack up and move yourself back up that way?

New York is the birthplace of Soviet progressivism here in the United States, after all!

Judy Feder: K Советски Виргинний! ["To a Soviet Virginia!"]



#1 captainfish 11-Jul-2008
That is a woman??

She looks like a San Franciscan? Scary for sure.
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