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"Men At Work" No Longer

If there was ever doubt that we are a nation of slackers with way too much time on our hands, this whole mess will certainly dispel it: (h/t the boys)

Political correctness rules the road in Atlanta — which is replacing all its "Men at Work" signs with gender-neutral ones after a women's magazine editor complained of bias.

The project, which involves painting over the existing 50 "Men at Work" and "Men Working" signs with those that say simply "Workers Ahead" or "Workers," will cost a total of $1,000, Atlanta Public Works Commissioner Joe Basista told

Imagine my surprise when I discover that the "womyn" behind this politically correct travesty is (shock!) an aging baby boomer!

Post-retirement can't come fast enough, Cynthia.


Pat Dollard, doubleplusundead


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