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Assud the Bunny Submits to Sharia Law

From the land of even more peace, love, and tolerance comes this wonderful multi-cultural celebration of the Religion of Peace.


It would seem that Assud the Bunny, notorious Palestinian hatemonger PEACEMAKER, has fallen prey to Satan's leadings, and has unlawfully stolen some presumed terrorist's PEACE LOVER'S money.Ever the good Jew-hating PEACE-LOVING bunny, he's discovered that he must submit to Shari'a law, and will presumably have his hand chopped off in an upcoming televised extravaganza.

Talk about sweeps week!

Be sure to click on over here to watch the video, unless you're on a Mac like I am.

Dastardly scoundrels like us will have to wait until the clip is posted on Ye Alternate Video Sharing Site before we can see it.

While I'm on the topic, allow me to remind you that this Shari'a thing is a part of THE RELIGION OF PEACE, which Liberals and other insufferable fools insist is PEACEFUL and TOLERANT.

Said liberals and other insufferable fools absolutely HATE Christianity, of course. I mean, the world would NEVER survive, what with all of that "forgiveness" and "turning of the other cheek" stuff.

Can't. have. it.

At least, not in Liberal La-La Land.



#1 Saul Wall 17-Jul-2008
I am going to go out and buy a lucky rabbit's foot. You know... just to jack up the demand.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jul-2008
HAHAHA! Too funny, Saul!

#3 Lemur King 17-Jul-2008
See? Even runnybabbits like Assud can be seduced by the West's Great Satan. Today, bunnies. Tomorrow, women and children.

I'm still at a loss as to what the ultimate lesson was in this demonstration of Shari'a Law. That if you break the law a puppet will lose a limb?
#4 DMartyr 17-Jul-2008
Ohhh! I can't wait for the episode when one of the boys accuse Sara of dishonouring her family and they all decide to stone her to death!

This is better than a soap opera!
#5 captainfish 17-Jul-2008
DMartyr, that video was shot for the younger audience. This one dealt with more mature subject matter.
#6 DMartyr 18-Jul-2008
Captainfish - [i]DMartyr, that video was shot for the younger audience. This one dealt with more mature subject matter.[/i]

Rabbit's feet?
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