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Supermassive Comment Thread: Go!

I dare you to leave a comment here.

In fact, I double dog dare you.

Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya?

And what, pray tell, do you have to say to that?



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 11-Jul-2008
And yes, lest there be any doubt, this thread is brought to you by:

#2 Joey 11-Jul-2008
did anyone else notice that when one of McCain's advisers said that Americans were being kinda whiny (I happen to agree) the MSM jumped all over McCain claiming that this adviser spoke for him. Wasn't this the same MSM that repeatedly defended obama's honor when folks around him said stupid stuff. Its gotten to the point that I can barely stand to watch the news.
#3 captainfish 11-Jul-2008

Someone doing a little weekend imbibing?

I take it you really like that book.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 11-Jul-2008

Couldn't have said it better myself. There's a distinct and [i]pernicious[/i] double standard being applied to the candidates, as is always the case when it comes to Presidential election season. It's a world which, for Obama, means that all of his employees and associates of [i]ill repute[/i] (yo) can be waived away with the feint of the wrist and a half-hearted "That's not the _________ I knew." Poof, presto-chango, absolved of any wrong-doing.

We Republicans, on the other hand, are damned by the slightest misstep of anyone who's [i]ever[/i] known us.

My second grade teacher was Mrs. Arsenault down in Virginia Beach. I'm sure she's got some unkind things to say about me that will be [i]certain[/i] to muck up any political campaign I could ever conceivably muster. And, no matter how far back the claim goes, I'd be [i]completely[/i] hosed in the eyes of the press.

(As if I haven't soiled my chances of holding any political party by hosting this [i]dastardly[/i] blog, that is.)

Oh, and ... did I really just type all of that? I guess I ought to replenish the Amber Bock supplies more often.


#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 11-Jul-2008
Guffaw. "Political party." Guess that means less [i]is[/i] more.

Meant to say "political office," of course.
#6 captainfish 11-Jul-2008
How many trips to Wally World does it take to fix an old toilet.

1 - buy new flapper.
2 - buy another flapper after first flapper was wrong type.
3 - buy new tank repair kit after breaking fill tube due to its brittleness from age.
4 - buy new handle system as old lever was too small to handle new flapper and tank repair kit.

There may be a trip FIVE as well to replace the fill line from the wall. It appears to be leaking. Tightened it, but will see.
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 11-Jul-2008
But but but... All of those low-cost Chinese goods are [i]saving us money[/i]. Isn't that all that [u]matters?[/u]

It's for this very same reason that I've sworn off Home Depot. Every single part they carry is utter and complete [i]crap[/i]. If it fits at all, it barely lasts 6 months, and I end up replacing it again.

If you can find an ACE Hardware, you'll be the happiest homeowner on your block. We're fortunate to have a few left around these parts.
#8 anonymous 11-Jul-2008
#9 captainfish 11-Jul-2008

MY EYES?!?!!!!!!!

Nah, I dont go to Home Depot either due to their support of illegals (and McD's now). In fact, I don't know if I do have an Ace here or not. I like going to Lowe's tho as well.

I just wish all toilet plumbing was consistent.
#10 captainfish 12-Jul-2008
ok, bought new lever for toilet and my water line is sound. I now have my buddy back and operational. I feel complete.
#11 DMartyr 12-Jul-2008
I would have been more inclined to leave a comment had you just skipped to the "TRIPLE dog dare ya!"
#12 Anonymous 12-Jul-2008
The upcoming elections in November will be decided by a very rare earth element: independent American voters who currently have no opinion about either candidate right now other than the political parties that both candidates represent are beyond belief.
#13 Kevin 12-Jul-2008
#14 captainfish 12-Jul-2008
Congratulations, you are the next contestant in , The Bride is Wrong!!
Come On Down!

See if you can win yourself one of 72 ugly virgins who would have never been able to have sex without you dying for a child sexual predator from the dark ages.

However, if you choose Curtain #2, you could win a free trip to the USA where you can become a US citizen thanks to Hussein Obama and Juan McCain.

Choose now, but choose wisely.
#15 captainfish 12-Jul-2008
I wonder if Michelle Obama was proud of her country on July 4th?

From Jawa Report:
[i]"Q: How Does America's Only Muslim Congressman Celebrate the 4th of July?

A: By going to Kenya. He spent the day with Barrack Obama's grandmother.

Weird, no?"[/i]

I wonder why the left and the MSM are perfectly ok with Obama's overt religious overtones and the overt "religious" backers like Oprah and her New Age non-christian beliefs? They threw a huge stinkin fit when Mike Huckabee was running for president.

But, now that a man who has attended a racist New Age church has the backing of Oprah and race-baiting pastors, then it is all ok?

If Obama gets elected with his non-christian and un-Godly views, I wonder what disasters will befall this once great nation.

Oprah says that a belief in God is not really God. But feeling god is right because god is a just a feeling. Obama's pastor believes God should damn America. Obama believes people of the south cling to their religion despite logic and the democrat party.

Is this really who we want as our leader? A man who has barely served as a US Senator, and yet for some reason he has VAULTED to possibly be our next president. ?!!?!? There has to be something at work here.
#16 xaetognath 12-Jul-2008
Aaargh! My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

And that sixties-induced, unwashed, hippie, psychedelic pattern was awful, too.
#17 captainfish 12-Jul-2008
Last Tuesday the [b]Netherlands enacted a ban on indoor (cigarette) smoking[/b]. And this includes Amsterdam. Yes, Amsterdam. In the place where state-sanctioned hookers are a part of the local charm, in the city that practically invented the Red Light District, you may no longer light up afterward. I’m not joking.

But here’s where it gets weird. Aside from the unromantic €50 shag, Amsterdam’s biggest tourist draw is the network of around eleventy-billion “coffee shops” whose main attraction is the open sale of marijuana. [b]Which is not affected by the nationwide no-smoking order[/b].

Think that’s strange? It gets stranger. Most locals, and some tourists, prefer to smoke a half-and-half mixture of tobacco and cannabis (AHEM — or so I’m told). And now [b]health inspectors will actually be sent out to make sure everyone is smoking pure Maui-wowie[/b].

One government nimrod told the London Daily Express that [b]“the law is to protect non-smokers from the effects of tobacco smoke[/b]. Inspectors can tell if a joint is pure or mixed with tobacco.”
#18 Kevin 12-Jul-2008
Marijuana? Is that stuff still around?

Damn, I'm old.
#19 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jul-2008
Bwahaha - Kevin, where in the world did you find that pic? Sauce, plox. :)
#20 Anonymous 15-Jul-2008
#21 tmondo 20-Jul-2008
@captainfish , it looks strange ;)
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