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A Very Warped Sense of Reality

And people wonder why black families are having a real problem today with the majority of people in prison being black.

Members and leaders from black churches gathered at Howard University School of Divinity [Ed: get that, at a divinity school] this week to discuss sexuality, including how to make churches inclusive for homosexuals and what they say is the failure of federally funded abstinence-only education programs.

A program of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), a nationwide coalition of religious groups trying to advance abortion rights, the 12th annual National Black Church Summit on Sexuality featured speeches by the majority whip of the U.S. House, Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), and former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders.

Dr. Elders was the one who pushed for the nation to teach actual sex education, masturbation and homosexuality in public schools. Why are they doing this? Also, why does there need to be a national conference to discuss HOW to let homosexuals into their churches? Are they saying that they are currently STOPPING them? Shouldn't that be the news? Or, are they asking how to devise the best way to change their philosophy and doctrine to allow homosexuality to be seen as more favored than non-homosexuality?

...attendees were taught how to lobby Congress to end funding of abstinence-only programs in favor of funding for “comprehensive sex education.” [Ed: forcing abortion on demand for kids in elementary school.]

The Rev. Carlton W. Veazey, president and CEO of RCRC, told Cybercast News Service that teaching abstinence isn’t enough to help stop the rise of teenage pregnancies in the black community.

Why that sounds like he does not believe in abstinence education. I wonder what his suggested alternatives are? Read on...
“They (those who oppose abortion) talk about abortion, and I tell them ‘you are the ones who believe in the fetus, you all worship the fetus, and then when the baby really gets here you all abort them,’” Veazey said.

“I say you abort them every time I drive through southeast Washington, where there’s a lack of health care, lack of housing, lack of opportunity. Some of those kids are aborted walking around. And do you know where they go when they are aborted? They go to jail. They go to the criminal justice system. They go to drugs. But these are the same kids that they were so anxious to bring here.

I am totally committed to a woman’s right to choose, there’s no question,” Veazey said.

A MAN is really committed and fighting for a woman's right to choose abortion when abstinence teaches that women DO have a choice? Now, isn't that ironic.

So, he is trying to stop abstinence education so that he can get funding and push for ABORTION education because, if these kids were aborted early on, then they would not be in prison, they would not be doing drugs, and would not be having their own kids while still kids themselves.

He is the one who cares. He is the one who has the most logical moral and caring option for the black families. Teaching abstinence and making people take responsibility for their own actions after having kids out of wedlock, is not compassionate nor moral. Killing babies is the only humane way to deal with black families...... according to Veazey.

How does one discuss logically with people that are not even within the same dimensional reality? I'll tell you what would be moral and compassionate. Use people like this to feed the polar bears since it is also people like this that believe the polar bears are starving. Put your butt where your mouth is buddy!!



#1 Cletus 15-Jul-2008
I hope they've all lost their tax-exempt status
#2 captainfish 15-Jul-2008
Are those crickets I hear?

Nope. Sorry, was just the wind blowin' through the dead silence.
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