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At Least They're Honest About It...

Non-Violent, Politically-Correct WAR!

The Modern Version of an Age-Old Card Game.

War has changed dramatically over the years, but the card game that bears its name hasn't changed since it was first played in the late 14th century - until now. For the first time, War incorporates Love, Peace, Diversity, and Unity. Players compete to get rid of their cards first, while trying to avoid the heavily-armed Joker (the weakest card in the deck).

Click to Enlarge (Get a gander at that king - who does that look like?)

As the game description states - avoid the heavily-armed, war-mongering, Islamophobic, Republican Joker!

These things are BEGGING for some photoshopping! If anyone wants an image of the face cards, I'll be happy to email them.



#1 Cletus 15-Jul-2008
Psshh in RL the Joker would totally mess all those other fools up.

What about the "fucker" card? It could be a guy standing in a half desert, half jungle, and he could have a hammer and sickle armband on one arm, a star and crescent band on the other, wearing a kaffiyah on his head and some arab robes over jungle camo, and holding an rpg, an AK, the communist manifesto, and the quran.

And knowing the people this game is targeted at, it would be the card everyone in the game wants to hold on to
#2 Kevin 16-Jul-2008
That joker rocks. I remember when I was in the jungles of 'Nam and ran out of missiles and bullets, I always thought, "Man, I wish I had a bow and some arrows!"

This guy thought of it all! (In fairness, I should admit that I was never in 'Nam.)
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