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Irsael Swaps Baby-Killer For Bodies

No matter how you look at this, it is a shameful defeat for Israel. This sends a message to Islamic terrorists - 'Not only does Israel negotiate with terrorists, you don't even have to keep your prisoners alive.'

On July 12, 2006, Hezbollah fighters set into motion a plan to free Samir Qantar. They attacked two Israeli military vehicles, capturing soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, and killing four others. This attack led to the war in the summer of 2006. During their captivity, both captured soldiers were executed. Israel, at first refused to negotiate with the terrorists. Eventually, they agreed to trade Samir Qantar for the bodies.

Hezbollah finally achieved victory, two years late.

The so-called "Holy Warrior," as Hezbollah refers to Samir Qantar, murdered a 4 year old child. He has never expressed any regret. Instead, today, Hezbollah will celebrate his freedom. Einat Haran, the child whose life was cut short, and her father, Danny Haran, will remain in their graves.

From the Samir Kuntar: CONFESSED CHILD KILLER!:

After drowning Danny in the sea in front of little Einat, Kuntar, the brave Lebanese freedom fighter, then turned his attention towards the frightened little 4-year old. He took his rifle and then swung it across the little toddler's head, knocking her to the ground. As little Einat was knocked to the ground, she was screaming and crying hysterically "mommy daddy help me," while thrashing her little legs around in the sand. But unfortunately Einat was alone, and no one was there to save her. Kuntar then dragged the little toddler a couple of feet to the closest rock he could find, this was while she was begging him not to hurt her. Kuntar, then laid her head down on a rock, with the intention of crushing it with the butt of his rifle. Einat, instinctively covered her head with her little arms, Kuntar struggled with the little toddler until he finally managed to clear her arms out of the way so that he could aim for her head. Once her arms were out of the way, Kuntar proceeded on beating her on the head over and over with the butt of his rifle, and stomping on her little body repeatedly as well, until blood rushed out of her ears and mouth, and her little cries faded away as she was knocked into unconsciousness. Then, to ensure she was dead, Kuntar continued on beating her over the head, as hard as he could, several more times until her skull was crushed and she was dead.

Danny Haran with his daughters Einat and Yael.

Congratualtions, Israel. You have traded one murderer for the four bodies of his victims. The pride you must feel...

Yehiyeh Asher Yehiyeh.



#1 captainfish 16-Jul-2008
Israel's ruling socialist elite are Israel's worst enemy.

What happens to these people once they get in to office?

Look at Sharon. He was a war general and hero. He was a staunch defender of Israel. But in office, he turned limp, wimp, and liberal. He gave away land without peace.

The longer Israel stays weak, her enemies will stronger.
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