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Aussies Are Bigots! (But Americans & Brits Are Worse...)

The University of New South Wales in Australia has made an amazing discovery:

A study of university students playing a computerised shoot 'em up game has revealed strong stereotyped bias against Muslim-looking people.

Innocent figures in the game were more likely to be shot at if they were wearing turbans or hijabs, the University of New South Wales researchers said.


"Muslims tend to be portrayed negatively in the media so the findings make sense, even in an otherwise tolerant western society like Australia.''

I wonder why Muslims 'tend to be portrayed negatively'? Um, could it be...

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

The genius at the University goes on to say:

"As Australia has not been subject to Muslim terrorist attacks on its territory, other countries in the forefront of Muslim terrorism such as the USA and Britain may show an even stronger 'turban effect' than the one we demonstrated here,'' he said.

"However, based on the present data, we cannot distinguish whether this turban effect is due to negative stereotypes associated with Muslims or obvious negative stereotypes associated with terrorists - that is, a person with a turban holding a gun.''

I can't be the gun image. Personally, I'm attracted to stereotypical displays of people holding guns, especially if the person has a huge "Kill them all; Let Allah sort them out" tattoo on his/her forearm. But then that's just me...



#1 captainfish 16-Jul-2008
"turban effect" ?!??! me that is a racist statement.

you know, during the 70's and 80's, it was the Russians that were the bad guys in all the movies and games. It is natural.

Then during the 90s it started to become chinese, Chechnyans, and drug dealers.

Now there is Grand Theft Auto that targets EVERYBODY and people are all upset.

And now, that we ARE AT WAR with muslims, people are surprised when the natural state of man vilify those who are our enemies. ?!?!?

Leave it up to liberal elitists to not see the obvious.
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