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Such Culture: Free Vacation for the Poor Not "Luxurious" Enough

I mean, what else would you expect to have developed from a distinctly Scandinavian culture of pure entitlement?

THE HAGUE, 17/07/08 - Five jobless families that were given a free holiday from their municipality have returned prematurely from the outing. One of the reasons was that the camp-site was not found luxurious enough, local newspaper Tubantia reports.

The five families with children are unemployed and therefore have little money. Losser municipality offered them the opportunity to stay for free for a week at De Holenberg camp-site in the village of Schaik. Within three days, however, they returned disappointed to Losser.

The camp-site did not meet expectations, according to Tubantia. One of the families even phoned the municipality from Schaik to complain that the log cabins they were accommodated in were cold and damp. The municipality then fetched the families by taxi and brought them home.

Tubantia adds that lack of luxury was not the only reason for the aborted trip. "Quarrelling among themselves, language problems [Ed.:—Think "The Religion Of Peace," I'm betting.] and being reminded of refugee camps caused tensions in the group," the newspaper reports, suggesting that the campers were ex-asylum seekers.

Seriously. Don't like the "free" vacation that the employed in the area paid for you to go on? How's bout showing yourself back to whatever squatter's paradise distinguished nation you came from?

Of course, this being the Dutch, I'm sure more blame is currently being placed on the uncaring and cruel townspeople than on the ingrates that were so displeased with their free trip.

It must be today's topic, but I'll say it again for the record: Ahhhhhh, Diversity!



#1 captainfish 17-Jul-2008
This sounds an awful lot like a reality show. Why would jobless families go on a vacation with 4 other families in the same cabin?

And what kind of nation gives a week-free paid vacation to people not earning a living or paying taxes?!?!!??!!?

Oh yeah.. USA for one.
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