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Infidels Might Disagree...

A Washington D.C. Church, in a most dhimmi fashion, has opened its doors to Friday afternoon Muslim prayers:

WASHINGTON -- Muslims are required to say their Friday afternoon prayers, called Jumu'ah, in a congregation or community. But even in major cities, mosques can be hard to find.

So a suburban Washington mosque organized a group prayer in an unlikely place: the Episcopalian Church of the Epiphany in downtown D.C. The church welcomes more than one hundred Muslim men--and a few Muslim women--every Friday afternoon.

"It was much easier for me to come here to pray than to go all the way to the Islamic center on Mass Ave," said Adama Ndao who used to travel up to two hours to say his Friday prayers. "It saves me a lot of time."

"I feel much more satisfied to be able to say it in congregation," said A.S.N. Jahangir. "When you practice your religion, you lead a more decent life, a more honest life, a more scrupulous life."

Um...yeah. We've seen what sort of life practicing Islam can lead...



#1 captainfish 17-Jul-2008
Well, that is what happens to a church when it turns liberal and away from GOD's teachings. When you allow pagans, idolaters, and satan-worshipers in your doors to pray to their own deity, then GOD has left your church long ago.

I wonder if the muslim mosque would allow the local Druids to come in an worship? Or, how about the local Pig Lover's Society to hold their club outing?
#2 DMartyr 18-Jul-2008
Its just crazy that a church would allow people who want to destroy them to worship on sacred grounds.

Muslims will not defeat us, we will destroy ourselves with the tolerance, appeasement, PC crap.

As for your wonder - no. There would be rioting in the street if any mosque allowed any non-islamic worship.
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