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U.N. Resolution Would Make Defaming Islam A Crime

...But would that apply to Islamic terrorists whom "moderate" Muslims claim have hijacked the so-called 'religion of peace'? How about a resolution that would make state-sponsored, religiously motivated terrorism a crime?

Read more about the proposed resolution HERE.

The “defamation of religion” resolutions establish as the primary focus and concern the protection of ideas and religions generally, rather than protecting the rights of individuals to practice their religion, which is the chief purpose of international religious freedom law. Furthermore, “defamation of religion” replaces the existing objective criterion of limitations on speech where there is an intent to incite hatred or violence against religious believers with a subjective criterion that considers whether the religion or its believers feel offended by the speech.

Sign the petition to stop it HERE.

Around the world, Christians are being increasingly targeted, and even persecuted, for their religious beliefs. Now, one of the largest organizations in the United Nations is pushing to make a bad situation even worse by promoting anti-Christian bigotry wrapped in the guise of a U.N. resolution called “Combating Defamation of Religions.” We must put an immediate end to this most recent, dangerous attack on faith that attempts to criminalize Christianity.



#1 Cletus 17-Jul-2008
I'll keep defaming Islam, the most evil and disgusting ideology (not a religion) to ever plague the earth, and I'll also keep defaming Muslims, the most vile, foul, depraved and worthless creatures and beasts ever to trod on the surface of this planet. What the fuck are they gunna do about it?

Everyone needs to talk this kind of shit every second of every day.
#2 DMartyr 18-Jul-2008
I wish every Canadien (and American, for that matter) had your cajones...
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