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Iranian Special LULZ Forces

Nice—It's good to see all of my friends over at AR15 once more!

If you Photoshop-enabled types seem to be so inclined, I've got one or two features going on right now that you might be interested in contributing to. Y'all were so good at it last time around.

Otherwise, don't forget to click on this link to get the latest hilarity, delivered straight to your feedreader.

Be sure to stay with this one until the very end:

Cower, o ye infidels, for thy time is at an end.

Big h/t to Dollard.Lulzkiller: By the way, the fact that they're driving a mid-90's Dodge Ram kinda makes it somewhat unlikely that this is actually an Iranian special-forces unit.

But what the hey—It's funny anyway, no?




#1 steveegg 21-Jul-2008
It could have been bought during the time that the Germans controlled Chrysler. After all, a significant portion of Iran's nuclear program has "Gebildet in Deutschland" stamped on it.
#2 Ron 21-Jul-2008
COngrats! Ace of Spades blog has given you an honorable mention!
#3 Skul 21-Jul-2008
More like "LOLZ" force.
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