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Found: Obama's Birth Certificate!

I know you've been reading recent reports about how some forgery or another, but finally, we've found a conclusively genuine B. Hussein Obama birth certificate! Let this end the debate, once and for all!




#1 Polarik 27-Jul-2008
Well, that's a lot funnier than the one I made -- which, BTW, is a clone of the Kos image, thus demonstrating hoe the forgery was made.

Props to Brian for making this site available, and for referencing my original work.

Props to Mike for picking up on it right away also.

I tried to log into William Teach's WordPress blog, but I had no luck.

Wordpress is wierd like that.

Anyway, I wanted to give him props to seeing what I saw on 6/12 also.

What people don't know is that I tried to convince World Net Daily to run my analyses, but they declined.

Then, a weedk after I published my blog, WND reported what Israel Insider reported about my work.

Nothing like snubbing a scoop, and then posting the same info from a secondhand source!

Now, I also tried to leave a reply about that throbbing GIF, to say that it actually proves that the Kos image is a forgery of the DeCosta image!

Thanks to finding their morphed Kos and DeCosta, they produced the De-"Kos"-ta missing link that proves, conclusively, how the forgery was made.

With all of the critics saying that no two COLB images look alike because of differences in scanners, printing, JPG losses, etc., they just unwittingly cut their own throats by saying, in effect, that the Kos image, produced "allegedly" in June 8, 2007 SHOULD LOOK NOTHING LIKE the Decosta image, produced Sep 9 2002!

Can you say, "B-U-S-T-E-D?
#2 Doug 25-Oct-2008
Techdude delivers the final report, yada yada. Interesting. Let me just say this...and leave the real research to you. KERNING has a specific definition. It is adding to and/or removing SPACE BETWEEN CHARACTERS [end of definition] (in order to make a better appearance when the construction of a letter in a particular font in standard kerning format yields conjunction of two letters as either too close together, or too far apart). Techdude's so-called animation of kerning is NOT an animation of kerning. Watch it closely. It grows and shrinks the letters themselves, leaving their spacing the same throughout. This is morphing of characters, and is not used in kerning. He talks about very technical things, and goes on and on and on about his meticulous attention to detail. Well, this one stood out like a sore thumb, after just a moment of cruising down the did not take countless hours of research and scientific testing, and I submit NEITHER DID HIS ANALYSIS. This of course, does not make Obama's certificate image legitimate...but it does show how far people will go to support their views, when in fact they do not have the expertise to do so.
#3 Polarik 25-Oct-2008
Doug, you are correct, and here's the rest of the story.

I knew that TechDude's research was bogus and that he was fabricating evidence several weeks before it was published in Atlas Shruggs and TexasDarling.

TechDude said that the borders on a 2007 COLB were identical to the borders on Michele's 2008 COLB.

But, I had already received a real, 2007 COLB whose borders resembled those on Obama's forged COLB -- and not Michele's 2008 COLB.

This major of deception is enough to warrant tossing everything he said that he "found" in the trashcan.

He also claimed that colleagues sent him original paper COLBs from 2006 to 2008, as well as from 2001 to 2003, yet the "corner" images that he displayed were taken directly from existing images posted on the Net (from Tomoyasu, Smith, and DeCosta).

There were other things, but the bottom line is by making false claims and fabricating evidence, he tarnished the true, genuine research that was conducted on the COLB forgery.
#4 Cass 28-Oct-2008
I feel eveyone's hiding something!
Why is government not addressing the issue?
Did Obama really travel to Hawii to visit his grandmother, OR pay tons of campaign cash for a birth certificate from one of their hospitals?
Possibly more than the Republicans shelled out for Palin's campaign wardrobe.
There are too many irregularities and unanswered questions on Obama's entire campaign funding, childhood, (poverty to Ivy League colleges), and he and his wife's polished verbal presentations on camera. Sometimes I feel I'm listening to used car lot salesmen making a 60 second pitch - who at least look into the camera.
Why is Obama's birth being ignored prior to election day?
#5 sandy 28-Oct-2008
Okay so going beyond the birth certificate that obama does not want anyone to see. Did OBama's natural mother give up her citizenship status when she married the Kenyan? Does anyone know this, or can that be obtained. if we knew this, then we would know the rest of the story. I bet it wouldn't cost someone with a little bit of extra cash in thier bank account to obtain this info from a Kenyan...yes?
#6 Polarik 29-Oct-2008
Yes, she did. She also gave it up when she became an Indonesian citizen, because both countries prohibit a person from having dual citizenship.
#7 tagontrail 01-Nov-2008
redistribute the wealth, Is that not what or how the anti christ will be establashed making every one equel I could be wrong . but you can find this in revalations king james version
#8 Polarik 02-Nov-2008
In Revelations, it talks about a world leader who will fool everyone into thinking that he is the Messiah and will follow him, as he leads people away from teachings of the Church
#9 kenai123 25-Nov-2008
Well I think that the media needs more concrete evidence before they can
cover this story without getting hit with a defamation suit or causing unnecessary
uproar until Obama responds to the writ or the hearing takes place with the
Supreme Court. Allot of peoples reputations are on the line and I’m sure
there are certain private powers that's interests are involved as well.
They did not need concrete evidence when Carl Cameron printed the blatant lies about
Palin or McCain.
They didn't need it when Carl Cameron, a Fox reporter made
stupid Kerry mistakes with fake Kerry quotes, Posted 10/2/2004 9:08 AM
Carl Cameron didn't need concrete evidence before printing the Palin Africa story lie.
#10 Polarik 25-Nov-2008
Check out WorldNetDaily's coverage today.
#11 Marie Devine 12-Jul-2009
The birth certificate is a small part of the evidence. The connection to his Occidentat College records, divorce records, SSS registration look certain he was a foreign student who did not have to register for Selective Service because he was not required to. Then when he needed one for his campaign, he got help and made one up.
List of documents not released and links
Good legal talk

The charges and evidences against Barack Obama are on my website, court style:

A copy was sent to Barack Obama and US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Both were sent about 2-11-09. Barack Obama clearly thinks he has something to hide.

Email the president that you want this controversy ended,
#12 Kate 13-Apr-2011
It amazes me how ignorant people like you are. It's funny how all you simple minded people have dedicated such time to look like fools. Obama should have never shown his birth certificate to the public, no president was ever targeted to do that, only because he isn't completely white.
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