The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Snapped Shot makes World Net Daily!

Hey, I'll take any press mention I can get, no matter how piddly I look when standing next to the awe-inspiring Robert Spencer:

On the Gates of Vienna site, a reader posted a comment recommending the State Department "adorn the calendar with equally vibrant Quranic verses and hadiths, samples of what is preached in those mosques. For example: January: Kill the infidels wherever you find them. February: Allah's Apostle said: I've been made victorious with terror – and so on and so forth." pointed out the page was pulled after the weblog Snapped Shot posted an image of it yesterday. Snapped Shot said it seems the public servants at State "get all nervous when We, The People actually notice" what they're doing.

Hey, I have a name over here, guys!

Of course, the WND folks conveniently forgot to link to our article on the subject—though I reckon I can understand that, considering how quickly the thread devolved into our traditional Photoshop-fueled mockery.

We're scary like that.



#1 Donkeyrock 18-Jul-2008
Rock n' Roll, B-dawg! Congrats!
#2 Kevin 19-Jul-2008
I sent them an email asking if they had calendars with Catholic churches, synagogues, or Buddhist temples, and would like to buy them if they sold such items.

So far... silence.
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