The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

One Million... Pageviews!

I'm very pleased to announce that we've just gotten our 1 millionth pageview (roughly, an article read), which I think is downright cool, seeing how this blog hasn't turned 2 yet.

Thanks to all y'all for stopping by, and many thanks to my cobloggers for keeping things interesting around here when I'm tied up!




#1 doubleplusundead 18-Jul-2008
Wow, less than 2 years, I thought you'd been around longer than that...
#2 Avid Editor 18-Jul-2008
Congrads. Keep up the good work. I hope the second million comes even sooner.
#3 captainfish 18-Jul-2008
It's only been two years? Wow, you feel older than that. At least it smells older. :)

congrats brian.
#4 Pirate's Cove 20-Jul-2008

Happy Sunday! Another cool day in America. Not quite sure who did this pinup, looks like A. Martin, but, haven’t been able to find the full name. Oh, well.
What is happening in ye olde blogosphere?

Instead of a gas tax holiday, would you prefer...
#5 Cletus 20-Jul-2008

but is it one million [i]unique[/i] pageviews?
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jul-2008
Dpud & Cap'n: Time flies!

Avid: Thanks! Hope it hasn't been [i]too[/i] boring around here for you lately.

Cletus: It should be uniques, but I'm not privy to how Sitemeter measures it. Full stats here, for those who care to introspect.

Thanks for all the well-wishing, y'all! Be sure to chime in if you think there's anything this blog can be doing better!

Respectfully yours,
#7 Cletus 21-Jul-2008
SnappedShot is ranked 268,073 on Alexa.
That's pretty sweet, considering the hundreds of millions of websites out there
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