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Reuters Reduces Itself to Parody

Reuters reports on the definite success of the recent conference between Western nations and Iran over the latter's "worrisome" nuclear buildup:

Iran says nuclear talks a step forward

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's president described talks with world powers on its disputed nuclear programme as a step forward on Sunday, official media said, even though the meeting in Geneva failed to produce any breakthrough in the standoff.

At Saturday's discussions in the Swiss city, the six powers gave the Islamic Republic two weeks to answer calls to rein in its nuclear activities or face tougher sanctions after talks ended in stalemate despite unprecedented U.S. participation.

Wow, it's interesting that Reuters has this upbeat picture of events, considering that they did, after all, end in stalemate.

So how much effort did Reuters go through to get this scoop? Which crack in-country Reuters reporter took the question to Mr. President-ijad himself to get the final say on the matter?

You'll find the earth-shattering answer beyond the fold.
But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave an upbeat assessment. "Any negotiation that takes place is a step forward," he told reporters, according to IRNA.

"Yesterday's negotiation is regarded as one of these forward-moving negotiations," Ahmadinejad said.

Mr. President-ijad.
Why bother sending your own reporters to cover news and current events, when you can just shamelessly parrot Mullah-mandated government press agencies?

Of course, what's genuinely comical about this to me is that Reuters will hem and haw to question anything told to them directly by American government officials.

But when they look at hearsay reported by the extremely questionable news services run by terrorist countries, they repeat the assertions without question.

Seriously:—I don't think getting bought out by Thompson Financial was good enough.

They'd do far better to move their headquarters to Tehran.


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