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The Corey Effect, Illustrated

The Mrs. and I have gotten into watching The Two Coreys over on A&E, what with us being big fans of their prior work. And by "us," you can pretty much write that up as "me." (I do ask—Does it get any better than this timeless classic? I think not.)

Anyway, the first season of the show, which ran sometime late last year, had that authentic celeb-reality scripted feel to it, and that was more than a little bit annoying. It would seem that the producers of the show noticed, as the second season, which is running right now, has undergone some serious changes.

It's kinda hard to describe, so allow me to illustrate:


Let's say that this boring old photo—which, incidentally, provides another clue to the mystery from earlier today—represents the first season. It's obviously staged, it ain't much to look at, and other than the added clue, it's not memorable in the least.

The dialogue in this photograph is still far more intriguing than the show's, but I digress.

Allow me to unveil my super top secret and completely masterful Two Coreys transformation:
Alive with action.

There you have it—Things are still just as stilted as they were before. They've just mixed in a whole heck of a lot of Orange,™ put Michael J. Fox on the cameras, and the end result has livened things up quite nicely.


Now, if only I could figure out why everything I'm looking at right now has a distinct green tint to it.



#1 Donkeyrock 29-Jul-2008
That red is for the night scenes, dammit. They still use the heavy sepia for the daytime stuff.
#2 Kevin 30-Jul-2008
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 31-Jul-2008

Wow, that definitely spices it up, too! I can't wait to see Season 3 of the Two Coreys. I bet they'll be the first in the world to use the "Hippie Effect." ;)

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