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Windows MojavZZzzzzzzzz...

This is Microsoft's super scary new marketing campaign for Windows Vista?


Let me see if I got the new Vista campaign right: Bring in a bunch of "end-users" (a conveniently diverse bunch, to boot) and "show" them a fancy new beta version of Windows Mojave. And then, after they're absolutely not acting about how surprised they are (since they weren't just dragged in from the local acting clubs), you shockingly! reveal to them that it's really Windows Vista?


Of course, I was amused at the features Microsoft chose to highlight in the full ads in the lower right-hand corner of the page. For instance, did you know that Windows Vista (uh, and every single copy of MSN Messenger for Windows XP, as far as I can tell—but I digress) gives us cutting edge technology that lets us play 1992-era games with our friends as we chat in our 1999-era instant messenger?

In stunning text mode?

That couldn't possibly compare to the other company's chat features, now could it?

Video chat is for poseurs.

Of course, considering what your average Windows enthusiast looks like, maybe Microsoft is giving us a blessing in disguise here.



#1 Cletus 30-Jul-2008
LOL Brian you macfag.

While I agree with you that Vista is garbage and should never have slid out of Bill Gates bowels, XP completely blows Mac out of the water for any purpose other than the type of work you do. My dad is a photographer, and he uses Macs, and they are awesome for photoshopping, video editing and transferring files around and shit like that. But no commercially available OS comes close to XP when it comes to gaming or torrenting, especially if you build your computer with custom parts. I play all the latest cutting edge games on max settings with absolutely no problems (something that doesn't happen on mac, if you can even find a game that will install on one). I download oodles and oodles of music, movies and games in the blink of an eye (and none of this iTunes pay for each song BS). And as for MSN; who uses MSN anymore?

So yeah. Vista sucks, XP definitely does not. And the Mac arguments that PC's are hard to use are bogus. Anyone who takes a couple hours to learn can easily understand a PC. I remember one of the Mac commercials had all these middle aged yuppie goofs talking about how they can't find a power button on a PC. If you can't find a power button on a PC, sell your computer, move out to the woods and start foraging for berries because you don't deserve the wonders of civilization if you are that stupid.
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