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Vista: It Only Stinks a Little Bit

Microsoft is apparently planning on launching a multimillion dollar marketing campaign to counter "negative perceptions" about Vista's bugginess. Not that Vista is buggy as heck or anything.

You can see a sneak preview of the new ad campaign over here, but I don't think it's nearly jazzy enough. Therefore, as a public service to the Less-Capable Software Company, I've decided to contribute my own effort to their campaign.

Free advertising.

No worries, Redmond—I won't be sending you a bill for my in-depth market research.Hmm—Didn't notice it at the time (was in a rush to get out the door), but that Titanic picture really is photoshopped quite atrociously. It's not my evil bidding, though—The original is just as awful.

Laughable, even.

Better luck finding source material next time, Brian.



#1 Kevin 22-Jul-2008
Summary of OS's today:

Vista: Slow, buggy, and spies on you
Mac: Best for people who don't understand computers, or are gay.
Linux: Kind of cool if you like tweaking computers, unless you enjoy video games.
XP: For the rest of us.
#2 captainfish 23-Jul-2008
hahahahahaa Kevin.

Vista is best for people in business.
XP is best for people wanting to use their computers.

And, the theory goes that Windows 7 will be even more "vista"ish. And, its coming out pretty soon.

MS is going to rue the day they gave up on XP.
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