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Property Rights, California-Style

The state of fruits and nuts has finally codified the obvious into law:

More than six months after two Santa Clara residents were convicted under a state nuisance law for letting their redwoods cast shade on a neighbor’s solar panels, the governor signed into law a bill that gives trees the right to grow as they please — as long as they predate any solar panels they might be shading.

Gee, who would've thought that young redwood trees would eventually grow up to be really, really tall?

Idiocy, thy name is Sacramento.

(h/t Prairie Pundit, who has some awesome commentary on this brilliance, too.)



#1 Anonymous 23-Jul-2008
Ok. The world is officially doomed. When you can get arrested for letting your trees cast shade we are all officially fucked.
#2 captainfish 23-Jul-2008
[i]we are all officially fucked.[/i]


Talk about a tortured reasoning. Being convicted on state law of NUISANCE for allowing your trees to grow that happen to block solar panels some years later? I still don't see how it can be considered a nuisance (as in disturbing the public)?

What next, being convicted for having your house reescars ence blocking the wind to your neighbor's wind chimes?

You know, I have some trees in my front yard that block the sun from reaching the grass on my neighbor's yard. I guess I need to cut those trees down because I am creating a nuisance?

Has the home owner even had the minor thought (any minor thought would do, but guess that would be too much to ask) to think of PAYING the tree owners to "trim" the trees??

And, we are talking about Redwood trees. These things grow HUGE and the only "leafage" that grows occurs at the very top. They don't grow in a bunch or bush or together with other trees. If you go to a Redwood forest, you can drive a car between the trees there is so much space between the trees.

So, either the solar panel owner is idiotic in placing panels in an area dominated by redwoods, or he was just too stupid to place his panels low to the ground. And are we talking about a whole long line of trees to trace the sun's path? Else there is plenty of sun on either side of the trees.

ugh.. my head hurts.
#3 Skul 23-Jul-2008
The guy should have claimed they provide habitat for Spotted Owls.
Then watch the liberal heads explode.
#4 LeCoqFou 23-Jul-2008
Tout vous Américains stupides doivent mourir.
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