The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Speaking to Howard Dean's America®

An odd visitor from the Democratic Party's national headquarters here in Washington, D.C. seems to have taken an e-mailed interest in our mention of the story about Fairfax County's potential change in policy regarding zoning violations.

Journey to Donkeyland.

Please allow me to translate into the current Partyspeak for you, O exalted member of the Party of the Little People:

This hopeful change will allow Fairfax County to fulfill its hopes and dreams, chang(e)ing large areas of overpopulated housing back into family-friendly zones of hope and change.

I hope that this translation is helpful over on the insane your side of the Potomac, and that it accurately reflects the current truth expressed by your party's leaders.

Speaking of which, be sure to pass my regards to Governor Dean.



#1 LeCoqFou 23-Jul-2008
Howard Dean illustre qu'Amérique doit être.
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