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Reps Pense and Culberson in Qik-time

Rep John Culberson has been a mad-man in getting the word out that the Republicans are up in arms about Rep Pelosi leaving town before a vote on the drilling bill.

And, the background information of why they are doing this..

Fortunately too, if the House continues to do nothing, the previous bill that refused and disallowed drilling in certain areas will expire. The Repubs will have to play that PR game right in the Fall if they want to come out ahead. The Dims will say that they allowed drilling when in fact they did nothing but allow a former bill to expire. The Repubs must show that the Dims took the cowardly way out.

I hope the Repubs have now found their spines. They haven't had them for over a decade.

Update: From CSPAN comes a press conference the Republican party held on Aug 7, 2008 describing their plan, the will and their intent to push Nancy Pelosi to bring the House back in to session in order to hold a vote on the Republican energy plan.

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