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Diversity: Police Manual Updated for ...

Responding to "Animal Sacrifices?"

Miami-Dade police officials plan to include in their 2009 handbook a note about how to respond to calls about ritual animal sacrifices.

Glad to see that, thanks to decades of mindless liberal indoctrination throughout our nation's schools, we're rapidly progressing all the way up to the 4th century.




#1 DMartyr 03-Aug-2008
I don't believe this is about Santeria. This sounds like they are preparing for the annual muslime slaughter of animals for Eid al-Adha.

I don't oppose killing animals for food. Taking a life for survival is a part of nature.

But its sickening for these savages to kill animals for entertainment or symbolism. These hippy liberals who preach compassion will defend to the death (ours, not theirs) the right of muslimes to drench our streets with blood. Today, animal blood. Tomorrow, kuffar blood.
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