The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

March for Marijuana? A-Ok.

March for American history? No way, José:

The Sons of the Revolution are stalled in their efforts to hold the 225th anniversary parade on November 25, a Saturday. The New York City Police Department, which has jurisdiction over parades in the city, turned down the organization's application for a parade on Broadway from City Hall to the Battery.

"I'm concerned that every imaginable ethnic group gets to celebrate their pride, every year, on the main thoroughfares of this city. But we're not allowed to celebrate the end of the war that formed this nation and ensured our liberty as Americans. We only have this parade once every 25 years," the executive director of the Sons of the Revolution, Richard Gregory, said.

Actions like this speak volumes about the future of our nation.

Or the lack thereof.

(h/t Digger)

  #War Watch

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