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Zoinks, That's One Expensive Cigarette!

I dunno, I would've thought that the millions of dollars that goes into training each of our sailors would've "learned" them something about smoking near flammables:

SAN DIEGO -- (AP) - Navy officials say smoking appears to be the cause of a fire that caused $70 million in damage to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington. ... Adm. Robert F. Willard, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, relieved the carrier's commanding officer and the executive officer of duty. ... [T]he investigation found unauthorized smoking appeared to have ignited flammable liquids and other combustible material that were improperly stored.

Could it be that when you relax some standards in a military setting—as we've undoubtedly done in the past 20 years, if stories of "pleasure cruises" through the first Gulf War were even half true—that this is the inevitable result?

Or is it merely further testimony that a ship can only be as good as her captain?



#1 Kevin 31-Jul-2008
I had a very similar accident when I was a smoker. I accidentally set fire to the grass in the front yard. Cost to fix: $7 worth of sod.

Pretty much the same thing, right?
#2 Cletus 31-Jul-2008
lol ya that sounds like something I would do. I've ruined enough tables, couches and carpets in my short time on this planet.
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