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Guilt By Association Or Guilt By A PC Agenda?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is understandably outraged by the employment of a woman with ties to the KKK:

An executive with an organization that tracks hate groups calls the employment of the woman, Chloe Black, an "untenable position" and "unbelievable."

Black, the ex-wife of former KKK leader David Duke, is now married to Don Black, the creator of the white-power hate site Stormfront. Chloe Black is currently employed as an executive assistant at Florida Crystals, a sugar conglomerate whose owners, the Fanjul brothers, have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help build a new campus for Glades Academy.

Glades is a charter school for the children of African-American and migrant workers in Pahokee, a rural town in Palm Beach County. Billionaire Jose "Pepe" Fanjul's wife, Emilia, is chairman of the board of Glades Academy, and she hired Black to help promote the school.

Reports suggest that Black's salary from the school may be going to support her husband's activities on the hate site, as Don Black has had no clear source of income for some time.

But, just imagine for one second the woman in this story was a Muslim with ties to Jihadists, and she was employed at a non-Muslim, maybe even Hebrew, school. Exact same story, just a different background and different type of school.

Do you think this would be in the news?
Now, I'm not suggesting this isn't newsworthy. I am suggesting there is a double standard when it comes to white-supremacist racial intolerance and religious intolerance. Some may argue that racial prejudice is more offensive since one cannot choose race. Religious intolerance, however, is aimed at embraced ideologies.

My question is, why do some who claim to oppose hate groups - especially on the left - conveniently omit hate groups that use religion as a bases for their hatred?



#1 Cletus 31-Jul-2008
Because the left loves Islam, Muslims and Jihadists, because Islam, Muslims and Jihadists hate America and the west, as do the west. The KKK, as twisted and disgusting as they are, are an all-American group. If they hated America, you can bet they wouldn't be getting in trouble. But they don't. They love their own warped vision of white American paradise, so the ACLU (rightly) hates them

I hope that makes sense
#2 DMartyr 31-Jul-2008
Perfectly. It has nothing to do with "hate", just political agendas.
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