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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In England, a country which has the Anglican Church as its official State religion, there is no mandatory religious education in the public education system. There are, however, optional religious courses for those who wish to learn more about the English faith.

All that is about to change, though. The "Communities" Secretary (a euphemism for "Secretary of Diversity," one imagines) has proposed requiring mandatory education about Islam for all students in every State school:

State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons.

The move—part of a package of initiatives announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears yesterday - is designed to curb extremism.

How's that old proverb go? "A nation that forgets its history is doomed to repeat it?"

For England, that probably isn't going to work out so well.

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#1 Anonymous 01-Aug-2008
I'm glad I got to the UK when I was 10 and saw stonehenge and all the castles and cathedrals and the roman baths n stuff, cuz there's no way I'm ever going back there
#2 busywolf 01-Aug-2008
I had an English teacher back in high school who taught us a little trick to remember Henry VIII's wives:
divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.
What with the good news that Islam is going to be mandatory in State schools and that some people think that Sharia might be a good idea (read that - soon to replace the British law), this is how we will remember some of the Brits and their wives: beheaded, beheaded, hand chopped off, beheaded, beheaded, foot chopped off, beheaded, ears chopped off, beheaded beheaded, nose chopped off, beheaded ...
#3 captainfish 04-Aug-2008
hahahahahaahahahaha. too true Busywolf.

Anyone ever tell you..."Bad Wolf"? (i.e. Dr. Who)

I know. Bad joke.

Actually, I am not surprised by this at all. This seems the progression western nations are going.

Note, that a USA local Tyson chicken plant has taken Labor Day off of the calender and replaced it with a Muslim Holiday.

USA is following England close behind. When we buy condoms and playstations for prisoners and give prayer rooms to muslims whenever they want them... you know our country is heading for failure.

Thanks libs. you commie bas#^@%!
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