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The Power of the Internet

I'm not exactly sure what the gentleman—and I can personally guarantee that he's male, based on the particular search terms—who kicked off this particular search was looking for, but I'm not surprised in the least to see that it came from Saudi Arabia.

You know what's especially amusing? The first page returned in the MSN search results—and more particularly, the subject at hand:

Speaks Urdu? Possibly. Former jihadi? Yup.

I don't even want to speculate about that last part, though.



#1 Cletus 01-Aug-2008
so Brian, do you get the info on anyone who accesses your site? like if I were to search for something and your site came up and I clicked it, you'd have my IP and the search term I used?

I've never run a real website so I don't know exactly how this stuff works
#2 Skul 01-Aug-2008
Tranny?? You gotta be kidding.
That was a good laugh.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Aug-2008

Of [i]course[/i] I do. In most cases, I use SiteMeter (the little green chart-looking thingy on the right-hand side of the screen) to track who's coming here. The record is public, so you can enjoy the stink-tastic traffic we get around here from home, too.

For complete and detailed information (this site gets something like 20,000 spam comments a month, for instance), I have the full web server logs for the site. These record each and every action taken by computers communicating with the site, and goes all the way back to when I first booted the domain up. I tend to use this more for investigating death threats and tracking historical data, though.

Grumble SiteMeter free version grumble.

#4 DMartyr 02-Aug-2008
Gateway Pundit is reporting sitemeter problems when used with I.E.
#5 captainfish 04-Aug-2008
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