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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Suicide Case

A federal judge has refused to dismiss the case against Nancy Grace for involvement in Melinda Duckett's suicide:

I say it's time to allow Nancy Grace to question Casey Anthony.



#1 Cletus 02-Aug-2008
I'm no fan of Nancy Grace, I find her abrasive and annoying, but screw this woman who killed herself and screw her family. She abducted her fucking son, or she knew something about it she wasn't sharing. Too bad for the bitch, she should have been honest. And if she really had nothing to do with it I doubt she would have killed herself in the way and with the timing she did.

Fuck child abductors, their families, their friends, and their supporters. fuck the lawyers who defend them, the judges who rule in favor of them, and anyone who cries for them when something bad happens to the scum.
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