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Going In The Wrong Direction

On Wednesday July 23, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg signed Executive Order 120, requiring every city agency that has direct interaction with customers to provide language assistance in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian and French Creole. The order requires that each agency maintain a Language Access Coordinator to oversee the provision of oral and written translation.

I have no words. The Governor has already admitted that because industrial jobs have moved out of the state due to the uber high tax rates, New York is just a giant welfare-state. Their economy is in a tailspin and yet they still are going to dole out the confiscated dough to people who don't work. He just came out and said it the other day to the National Press Club. It almost seemed like he was happy about it.

So, despite calling for cuts in the state budget, the Mayor of NYC is going to be spending MORE money on welfare-based programs. You know, if you only serve the citizens of this country, then you wouldn't have to hire expensive translators and "coordinators". Funny that, huh?

I still find it ironic that liberals love to spend other people's money but not their own. Yet, they love capitalism when it puts money in to their own pockets. Right Mr. Bloomberg?



#1 DMartyr 03-Aug-2008
What? No Arabic?
#2 captainfish 03-Aug-2008

Lawsuits will be soon to come.

Oklahoma Senate passed a bill to the House to make English the official language. When it came back to the Senate after passing in the House, it languished.

Problem was, there was a huge misinformation campaign directed at Indian Tribes. The tribes started to feel that it would impose upon their culture and their right to maintain their language. Despite what was written into the bill.

Oklahoma would have been either 31st or 32nd state to pass such a law. Seems to me..... that's a majority of the states. Haven't we been told that majority rules? So, the Dems and Libs should be all behind this right?
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