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Pwning Twits for Fun and Profit

I see the exalted cretins over at the far, far left-wing blog Sadly, No! are hot and heavy over defending their latest environmental propaganda from being questioned. In doing so, they manage to squeak out one of the most bigoted arguments I've ever seen:—Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee is a Southerner. Ergo, in the diseased liberal mind, he's a hick:

Y’all see what I mean? That photoshopped pitchah is mower proof that global warmin’ is jes’ anothuh liberal lie. And it ain’t jes this pitchah I’m talkin’ about; them so-called science perfessers done used hundreds of othuh pitchas that ain’t real and was drawn by so-called artists. An’ anothuh thang: don’t them pointy-head perfessers know that photoshoppin’ a pitchah uses more electric powuh than jes’ takin’ one? Bunch o’ elite hypocrites, if y’all ask me. Now will one of y’all come on an’ gimme some munnah so I can buy mahself anothuh chah-cole gree-yul?

That's right, folks—Bigotry like this is totally acceptable to the Left.

Which means that if you click on over to Snapped Shot from the link on the aforementioned diseased website, you get this:

Celebrate diversity somewhere else, morons.

Update: Am I surprised to see that Obama's official campaign staff reads that divisive, anti-Southern blog? Sadly, no.

"Change" you can believe in, "Unity" for all America.

Except for the South, of course.

Update x2: Namecalling has always been the paragon of Liberal thought, hasn't it?

UPDATE: Brian Bedwetter at Snapped Shot, who was the one that got Bob all hee-hawing about Photoshopped floods and the like, doesn’t like us and has blocked our link to his site, a sure sign that he stands behind his work. So after you see his clever little Mohammed carton to which our link has been directed, you can copy and paste this link –

Gee, never heard that one before, Dunceo. Speaking of which, what the heck's the matter with your name, Clif? Can't afford the extra "f?"

;)Heh, I've gotta say, the reactions are quite precious.

Marco said,
August 7, 2008 at 17:23

Doh, someone’s mad at the photo link because I am an anti-American hatemonger.

Anti-American hatemongers need love, too.


Dan Someone said,
August 7, 2008 at 18:27

Hey, when I click the link in Clif’s blockquote that’s supposed to go to the photo, I get a page with a cartoon of the Li’lest Mooslim Bomber — see, it’s funny ‘cuz he has a bomb in his turban — and the following text:

You know what? I’m mad.

I hate to disappoint, but the website that just sent you here isn’t on my “nice” list. Believe whatever the heck you want; just don’t come here from that bunch of anti-American hatemongers. Hold the hatemongers.

Now that’s good stuff. Oh, and we’re a “bunch of anti-American hatemongers.” Everyone, update your CV.

[Ed.:—It should be noted that, because the message in question is in graphical form, Mr. Someone has spent some rather painstaking effort to transcribe its text for this comment. LULZ!]

wagonjak said,
August 7, 2008 at 18:28

Tried to go where the link sent me, and apparently SadlyNo! is not on the “nice list” there and anyone trying to go there from here is banned!

There’s a racist illustration of a terrorist with a bomb coming out of his headgear….with the caption “I’m MAD!”

The ole perfesser has dissed you guys here at SadlyNo!…must make you very sad and depressed!

Djur said,
August 7, 2008 at 18:37

So “SnappedShot” redirects you to some image calling you a hatemonger, and LGF says “you are a idiot.” Do any other sites block refers based on political disagreement?

[Ed.:—For the record, you're welcome to come here and express political disagreement any time. Just don't do it via the link you clicked on before.]

owlbear1 said,
August 7, 2008 at 18:41

“Hold the hatemongers” where?

[Ed.:—Why, Gauntanamo, of course!]

slippy hussein toad said,
August 7, 2008 at 18:57


wagonjak said,

August 7, 2008 at 18:28

Tried to go where the link sent me, and apparently SadlyNo! is not on the “nice list” there and anyone trying to go there from here is banned! conservative bloggers remain the most thin-skinned, infantile jackasses on the planet and can’t handle the idea that their critics can read their own stupidity back to them and mock it on the Internet.


[Ed.:—Actually, I'm mocking you for reading such an idiotic website, Stoop. Get over yourself. ;) ]

Hoosier X said,
August 7, 2008 at 19:01

“Hold the hatemongers” where?

Between our legs.

[Ed.:—Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Didja see that, guys? Hoosier X just called us gay! HAHAHAHA!!!]

[Ed.:—(Seriously... I thought liberals were above all that discrimination stuff!)]

[Ed.:—Update: It's a "Five Easy Pieces" reference? Sorry, I'm not enough of an old geezer to "get" it. ;) ]



#1 stubbornthing 07-Aug-2008
#2 Kevin 07-Aug-2008
Do I want rabid liberals on my website? Sadly, No.
#3 Hoosier X 07-Aug-2008
I think it's cute the way you conservatives get all politically correct - when it suits you.

I also like the way you ban people who are smarter - and a lot more honest -than you.

You're so adorable! And very convincing! How do you do it! Sign me up!
#4 Hoosier X 07-Aug-2008
It's a reference to "Five Easy Pieces" with Jack Nicholson.

Perhaps you've heard of it?
#5 Hoosier X 07-Aug-2008
Even if it was a gay joke, what does a gay joke have to do with discrimination? It really is adorable when you conservatives get all faux indignant about political correctness, but you don't really care about the issues enough to learn how to use words correctly, so your pearl clutching and your concern trolling is immediately apparent to honest decent Americans.
#6 Kevin 07-Aug-2008
I don't think you get it, Hoosierx. Brian's not indignant. He's laughing at how your pc mentality goes out the window when it comes to bashing people you disagree with.

Gavin buys into the stereotype that southerners must be hicks. I thought liberals didn't believe in stereotyping people! That's profiling :).

You, on the other hand, try to insult Brian with gay references, as if being gay is a bad thing. That's not what I'd call tolerant of others.

And you should be able to tell that Brian doesn't give a crap about political correctness, as the image of jihadi mohamed is decidedly non-pc.

So it's just funny how hypocritical liberals can be most of the time. Don't worry so much about it. No big deal. It's just funny.
#7 Johnny Coelacanth 07-Aug-2008
"Gavin buys into the stereotype that southerners must be hicks."

Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence.

Gavin assumes Bob Owens is a hick because Owens is an ignorant cracker on the wrong side of science and history. Of course, you too are on the wrong side of science and history, so you will not agree with this assessment. Your disagreement does not change the facts. To summarize: Eat it, cobagz.
#8 Kevin 07-Aug-2008
Whatever it takes for you to be able to live with the hypocrisy of liberal intolerance, my friend. Enjoy your life!
#9 Gary Ruppert 07-Aug-2008
The fact is, liberals are all faggots.
#10 Sadly No! Customer Service 07-Aug-2008
Clif was calling Owens a hick because Owens says really stupid things, not because he was a Southerner. Before you assume it was because of anti-Southern bigotry, you might want to know that Clif was born in the South, raised in the South, lives in a city south of the Mason-Dixon line, and has most of his family still living in a state in the deep South. Not to worry for this mistake though, Brian, we'll still let you link back to our site. And thanks for visiting Sadly, No! Y'all come back soon, here?
#11 captainfish 07-Aug-2008
You know, there are Jews born in Israel that hate Israel. There are elites born in America that hate America. So, that defense does not hold water either.

There is even a political candidate for president that does not like America much.

BTW, is that a tire gauge between your legs or are you just happy to see us?
#12 Doctorb 07-Aug-2008
You know, it's funny, people talk about us hating America and all that. Well, let me tell you about a group of people who hated the USA. They hated it so much that they formed their own organization and shot at American soldiers. They had a flag that symbolized their America-hating cause.

Have you been to Confederate Yankee's blog? Because that's where you can see this flag.
#13 GAPDH 07-Aug-2008
He doesn't choose to call himself "Southern Yankee" or something like that. He's "Confederate Yankee". That's what makes it obvious that he's a dumbass hick. The confederates were not just people who happened to live in the South, you know. It's like the difference between Russians and Bolsheviks.
#14 Kevin 07-Aug-2008
Gavin, aka 'sadlyno customer service' is as disingenuous as ever. Gavin (aka Cliff) has chosen to berate Mr. Owens by painting him with what he believes to be the stereotypical hick southerner. Just because he happens to be from the south. Pretty lame, but informative.

It's pretty clear if you think about it for more than a millisecond. Why not use a stupid black person accent? Or a stupid blond accent? Stupid arab? No, he believes in stereotypes, so he went for the one closest to reality, since although Bob is not a hick, he does in fact live in the southern United States.

No WONDER the left is so racist. They can't even move beyond stereotyping people.
#15 Hick Detector 07-Aug-2008
Bob Owens is an undereducated, incurious, ignorant man who says ignorant things in an ignorant fashion; by what reasonable definition is he "not a hick?"
#16 Name Withheld by Request 07-Aug-2008
Wait, Bob Owens is from the south and now lives in the north, or is it the other way around? Either way, he sure likes him that traitor flag.
#17 paul 07-Aug-2008
I looked up "hick" to see if Owens somehow didn't match my understanding of it. Sadly, no:

A person regarded as gullible or provincial; synonyms include: yokel, rube, yahoo, hayseed, bumpkin, chawbacon

Anyone who clings to the ideology of the CSA, the Old South, any of that old ignorant garbage, is a hick.

And I would have thought that even yahoos like y'all would realize that when you take the bait, you get played.
#18 Kevin 08-Aug-2008
[i]And I would have thought that even yahoos like y'all would realize that when you take the bait, you get played. [/i]

We realize it, paul. And you took the bait, line, and sinker :), as did kickdetector and afraid to be named.

You've played your part well naming a well versed, well researched individual as 'a hick' because you disagree with him and found out he's from the south. Incredible bigotry, but quite typical of the left. It's kind of sad, but it can be considered comical if you consider the source of the attacks and have a light heart.

And I do :). Don't feel too badly about being bigots. You made me laugh! That's got to count for [i]something[/i].
#19 Hick Detector 08-Aug-2008
Shorter Kevin:

"He's not a hick because I say he's not. And if you think he is, you must be a bigot. Neener."

Look, son, you don't know my politics. There are hicks on the left and hicks on the right, and I call 'em both hicks when they're hicks. Referring to Bob as a "well versed, well researched individual" in the face of all evidence to the contrary makes you look like a hick, too. He's frequently ignorant, seems to be proud of the fact, and is constitutionally incapable of getting past his ideology to look at any situation objectively. His "research" consists of uncritically parroting right-wing talking points and blogs, as he has admitted. No amount of puffing him up can change that.

Verdict: hick.
#20 Kevin 08-Aug-2008
"Hick", said the liberal bigot.
#21 Name Withheld by Request 08-Aug-2008
Really, though, however "well versed" and "well researched" he might be (and he's, you know, not), he chooses to call himself "Confederate Yankee", which means ... he's a hick.
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