The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

True Obama-isms

There is a great site out there that Brian found for me, Best of Obama Facts. But, these are just funny things or sayings that can apply to anyone.

What I want to do is compile a list of sayings and ideas that Obamassiah has stated himself. For example:

  1. To keep from drilling for oil, just air up your tires.
  2. If kids make a mistake (with sex), then they should not be saddles with kids.
  3. Republicans lie when they tell you what I said the day before.
  4. America must be transformed and you will have to sacrifice.
  5. We should not be afraid of Cuba or Venezuela as they are small.
  6. We only talked with Russia and that solved everything, so we should only talk to Iran. But I will bomb Pakistan.
  7. I am running for President because this country sucks ("is not what it could be or once was. I don't want that future for my children").
  8. I have never known my pastor of 20 years to speak of hate.
  9. This person I grew up with is not the person I know.

I asked Brian for assistance or for some ideas to add to the list and he shot himself in the head.

RIP Brian.

Are there any that you guys can come up with? They must show how much of a racist, idiot, naive, or a liar he is.



#1 ExUrbanKevin 07-Aug-2008
Wearing a flag pin on your lapel isn't patriotic, but hanging out with terrorists who bombed the Pentagon is.
#2 captainfish 07-Aug-2008
#3 Cletus 07-Aug-2008
Dun worri, gais! Obama 2 tha reskew!!!

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