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What's in your Water?

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I'm guessing that whatever it is, it's a conspiracy, maaaaan!

Ah, the science behind "Global Warming." Powered by moonbeams, unicorns, and now? Rainbows.

Prodominatly, even! ;)

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#1 postman 08-Aug-2008
It looks like Dihydrogen Monoxide, as I recall this strange effect occurs when it is placed into direct contact with sunlight. Looks as though the municipal water division tried to pull a fast one on the residence of this community. THey need to call the division right now and demand that it stop putting Dihydrogen Monoxide through the pipes. This stuff kills people.
#2 Rooster 08-Aug-2008
The woman demands answers, and frankly, so do I!
#3 Not Chicken Little 08-Aug-2008
Dihydrogen Monoxide is a dangerous chemical if not handled properly, that is now regulated in only a few forward-thinking municipalities. Exposure to it in our lakes, rivers and streams has caused death among both humans and animals! It is even in the air.

This woman has shown us a sure-fire way to determine if indeed, Dihydrogen Monoxide is present in the air in sufficient quantities to affect living organisms. She is to be congratulated for alerting us to the dangers.
#4 Zach 08-Aug-2008
You hippies are fucking nuts. Did you take a science class in elementary school?
#5 Tim 08-Aug-2008
Ohmygod, there's water in my rainbows? How can that be? Rainbows are made by fairies and unicorns, Algore help us all...

Can anyone be that damned stupid?

...apparently so...
#6 IcePilot 08-Aug-2008
And recently, NASA has confirmed the presence of Dihydrogen Monoxide not just in Area 51 but on MARS!!!

This conspiracy is far more comprehensive than a simple attack upon our constitutional rights ...

I've heard that Bush/Cheney are saturated with Dihydrogen Monoxide, and therefore, COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY WHOEVER (WHATEVER?) IS BEHIND THIS!!!
#7 Verity Kindle 08-Aug-2008
Hey! Watering your lawn in the middle of the day in summertime just wastes water through evaporation. It's not great for the lawn, either, it causes shallow rooting. That hippie is only 80% crazy. 20% is hypocrisy and ignorance. Or maybe 90/10? I spent as little time paying attention in math class as she did in science class, so let's just say: 12 pounds of crazy in a five pound bag. =)
#8 Talismen 08-Aug-2008
Is she about to shed her human form or ????
#9 Red Five 08-Aug-2008
I think this would work as a Capital One commercial.
#10 Ed 08-Aug-2008
> Snapped Shot" href="">What's in your Water? Rainbows, man! But what's in your video? Apparently several unnecessary apostrophes, and spelling errors prodominatly on display in the titles at the beginning of the video--always a sure sign that crack research scientists...
#11 carolynp 08-Aug-2008
One of my favorite movie quotes from Sleepless in Seattle is "I'm not even going to think about what they aren't teaching you in school."
#12 Dagny Taggart 08-Aug-2008
God gave the rainbow as a sign,
won't be water but fire next time.

AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The Apocalypse is nigh!!!!
#13 Nuckin' Futz 08-Aug-2008
LMFAO... what idiots!!! gotta be an Obama supporter
#14 Mo 09-Aug-2008
The simple-minded woman asks "What causes this?" and believes it is from something oozing out of the ground that makes a rainbow appear! LOL

Silly, lady...the answer to the rainbow is the pot of gold put there by leprechauns that only they can see. And we all know leprechauns have been around since the days of the Druids in Ireland. You have no cause for alarm, this is nothing new oozing out of our ground. Rainbows are only a bit of whimsical trickery by the little people, lady. Just sit down and have a bowl of Lucky Charms!

Or, you can get smart and learn what science has told us about how rainbows are formed before you go on your rampage and make a foolish video that shows how stupid you are. Did you not finish 3rd grade? That's where most of us learned about how rainbows are made. Can you remember, or is this too heavy for you:

A rainbow occurs when raindrops and sunshine cross paths. Sunlight consists of all the colors of light, which add together to make white illumination. When sunlight enters water drops, it reflects off their inside surfaces. While passing through the droplets, the light also separates into its component colors, which is similar to the effect of a glass prism. Each falling water drop actually flashes its colors to the observer for just an instant, before another drop takes its place.

Further, science tells us: A rainbow is usually seen in the opposite direction in the sky from the sun. The rainbow light is reflected to the eye at an angle of 42 degrees to the original ray of sunlight. The bow shape is actually part of a cone of light that is cut off by the horizon. If you travel toward the end of a rainbow, it will move ahead of you, maintaining its shape. Thus, there is no real end to a rainbow, and no pot of gold waiting there. Because the 42 degree angle is measured from each individual observer's eye, no two people see exactly the same rainbow. Every person is at the center of his or her own particular cone of colored light. From the high vantage point of a mountaintop or an airplane a complete circle of rainbow light sometimes can be seen.

The bright, primary rainbow has red on the outer edge and blue within. Higher in the sky there is always another, dimmer rainbow with the order of colors reversed. This secondary rainbow results from additional reflection of sunlight through the raindrops. It is most visible when there are dark clouds behind it. Look for the second bow high in the sky the next time rainbow colors appear. Some observers have even reported seeing third and fourth rainbows above the first two.

There,my scared little environmentalist, does that help? Next time, water your lawn in the evening!
#15 Steve Skubinna 09-Aug-2008
Okay, I'd like to point out that if this is a put-on, it's nearly impossible to tell. She might possibly be tweaking the chemtrails/twoofer boneheads.

Or she could be one herself. Flip a coin.
#16 Anonymous 09-Aug-2008
actually, the scientifically correct term would be hydrogen hydroxide.
#17 Morris 10-Aug-2008
I saw this video on G4 tonight and had to see the original on the web to see if this woman is REALLY that dumb. My wife shook her head in disbelief.

There is a better name for our current age. We live in the mis-information age. The very fact that this woman misunderstands the prismatic effect of water and light, goes to show you how easy it is for people to believe that CO2 can warm the planet.

BTW, the sirens were coming to take her to a padded room right?
#18 Em 11-Aug-2008
Yep I was thinking the same thing!!! I suggested a sister site for You Tube and calling it YOU BOOB!!! What an idiot!
#19 k 24-Nov-2008
I'm pretty sure this lady was making a JOKE. All you idiots out there with your tight pants can't get that, and that is sad. But if she isn't joking and really is dumb...that one guy's probably right and she is an Obama supporter.
#20 BackAssward 21-Mar-2009
Nah, I find conservatives and fundies to be more prone to these conspiracies. Nice try deflecting though.
#21 richard simon 02-Dec-2009
What a total idiot! I am 65 years old and used to do this for fun in south Florida with a sprinkler when I was a kid! Now I do if for my 4 1/2 year old daughter - you just have to catch the sunlight just right to create the rainbow AT ANY LEVEL! This fool has got to be an Obama/Algore supporter!
#22 B.Alan.B. 02-May-2011
sorry for the double post... Just getting used to this
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