The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Obamassiah Lifted On High

During Obamassiah's glorious lecture to us peons on how to sacrifice for a better life, a picture was taken at the moment prior to his re-ascension back up to heaven. We must all be happy that he gave us just a bit of his time to come down to hell and do his miracle work to make our lives better and have meaning.

Meanwhile, earthlings are still trying to figure out the policy part of his energy policy for earthlings. As it stands at this time, we are unable to find anything of substance to his coded lecture he recently gave in Lansing Michigan to unemployed factory workers.

He did once again proclaim that he is all-knowing and all-sided as he mentioned that we should drill but should not drill, he will tax but then give the money away, and will lower temperature of the galaxy while sending America back to the pre-oil 13th century.
What we were able to decipher from his prophetic speech is that without his presence we are doomed. His Al-Gorec apostle has prepared his glorious coming by proclaiming that without the Obamassiah, we will only be able to live another 7 years.

However, the main problem our decipherers are having with this miracle man's message to us unlearned is that he wants to take us off of oil, he continues to use massive amounts of oil as he travels around the globe in his god-throne. While he is abhorrent to oil, he also demanded that the current peon-president FREE the oil held captive in USA's oil reserve prison. He demanded the liberation of 70 million of the 700 million barrels into our refineries that are already near 100% capacity. And yeah, when asked he seemed to have lost his connection with the Al-Mighty.

We currently await another one of his miracles to create more refining capacity.

Meanwhile, while creating his New Energy for America campaign for earthlings, we have yet to decode where in his speech he spoke into existence any of those new energy sources since he is against building nuclear generation facilities and expanding petroleum based ones.

Editor: I am still having some issues with the glorious Obamassiah one. If he says that he is a citizen of the world, then why does he only have American flags around him? Shouldn't the Obamassiah be running for President of the World? And, he is telling us to stop using oil while his gloriousness flies around the world in an airplane instead of using his heavenly powers? And he is ......................huh? I didn't didn't.....

I.... .....wait ....WAIT .....


We now return you to regular Obamassiah worship programming.


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