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Socialism Works!

You remember all that high-headed talk about how collective bargaining would change the face of the world forever, and free the oppressed proletariat from the jackbooted bourgeoisie management class?

Yeah... Imagine my surprise to find out that, lo and behold, vaunted socialism in the land of Marx would've ended up like this:

Recent strikes in Germany prove what many experts have long been warning: Labor unions in the country are fragmenting. Mini-organizations representing specialized employees are making strikes more frequent and more complex than ever.

Revolution is in the air at Lufthansa: Last week's five-day strike by ground staff had hardly ended before 5,000 pilots, organized in the union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), began planning the next work stoppage. They want to see pilots working for Lufthansa affiliates receive pay hikes and are also fighting to create their own works council. A warning strike is planned for sometime in the next few days despite Lufthansa threats of legal action against the union should pilots walk out.

Gee, whoever would've thought that removing all incentives for your employees to work for their paycheck would've caused a reduction in productivity?



#1 Cletus 05-Aug-2008
Unions outlived their purpose decades ago. Now they only exist to cheat the system, protect shiftless bums and criminals, and tie up any sort of positive progress in the work force in red tape bureaucracy.

Although I do like the dental plans.
#2 captainfish 07-Aug-2008
Unions have (had) a place. But, when they can cause a business to lose money, dictate their own pay and benefits, then they should be busted completely.

Unions are only that. They should be there to only express their member's desires to the company. Not DICTATE.

Reagan had the right idea when he fired the traffic controllers who went on strike. Companies should get some balls and do the same thing when their workers even think of striking.

If unions invade wal-mart, .... say good-bye to good buys.
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