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Brace Yourself for the L-O-L

Hahahahahahaha ha hah hahaha hah hahaha hahahahah ahahah haha heh heh heeeeee...


Hahahah heheh eh heheheh heh hehe..


hee hee.

tee... hee.

You know what's sad about this?The book is destined to make the New York Slimes' bestseller list, thanks to the efforts of liberal librarians and their Gubmint Checks™ nationwide.

Progress certainly has taken us a long way from Ben Franklin's original concept of a "public" library, hasn't it?



#1 captainfish 06-Aug-2008

What is sad is that the liberals really think it one thing or another that led us to the war. As if one single letter is what caused us to go to war.

As if this was SOLELY about WMDs being actually present and ready to launch.

Come on people. Get over it. Its like they have never gotten over that tall-tale that our president sold out Pearl Harbor just to get us in to the war.

oh... guess they haven't. Think they will get past this idiocy about man-made global warming too?
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