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Reading, Writing, Re-education?

Personally, I think Virginian students deserve better than this Soviet-era indoctrination:

ABINGDON, Va. – After an in-service training session last week, some Washington County, Va., school teachers are preparing to implement a curriculum on climate change and environmental stewardship.

Developed by a group of educators, the program is aimed at teaching children about the connection between their actions and the wider world – so they can help save the planet.

“More and more information is coming towards these kids every day,” said Deni Peterson, who runs the Learning Landscapes program that has brought educational gardens to county schools. “These are depressing issues, these are hard issues for these kids, so I just try to plant some hope in there.”

When our first public schools were created, their mission was to teach the children of this grand Commonwealth the skills they needed to succeed in life.

They should be able to read, in order to be able to independently discover knowledge.

They should be able to count, so that they can avoid being cheated.

Why then, when our modern system has become so expensive to maintain, do we continue to branch the curriculum out into areas that are so obviously political? Shouldn't we be concentrating our resources on the things that matter the most, as our ancestors so wisely proposed?

Or could it be that the entire notion of a "public" school system can no longer survive the fragmented country that we've become?



#1 captainfish 06-Aug-2008
Welkom to reality Komrad!

We no longer live in the evil Satan land. We have [i]Progressed[/i] to a more [i]Progressive Progressed[/i] Kurrikulum.

My son is in 8th commnwealth grade. One of his electives is Technology - Robotics.

I'm had no word to say.

And they wonder why sKools are losing money. SKool hours are shortened and they are taking Klasses in Robotics??? He even had Komputer class in 7th grade.
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