The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

World's Newest Jihadist? Flipper!

Look, everyone—I've read my fair share of fantasy stories, science fiction pablum, and utter pulp, but seriously...

You just can't make up quality material like this.

Somebody get Steven Spielberg on the line, stat!

"Death to America!"
Fatah terrorist Hussein Fayadh: We spent two days in the dinghy, with all the [bad] weather. Before that, we spent two days aboard the ship. For four day, we didn't eat, drink, or sleep. In addition, I must say for the sake of history that a fish was our guide after we got lost. On the second day, when we had no idea which way to go, along came a dolphin fish and said to us: That is the right direction: Palestine is there. We set the compass to the direction of the fish. We sailed the entire day, and on the second night, we knew we were on our way to Palestine.


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